Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals aka MCACN Chicago 2013

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    May 22, 2009
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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so mods feel free to move...


    We are pleased to announce The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals crew is gearing up for our 5th Anniversary show, November 23-24, 2013.

    Many thought it couldn't be done, but we have proven there is enough interest to have a true enthusiast based show for those of us devoted to Muscle Cars, Dealer-built Supercars and Corvettes. Our team is more devoted then ever to continue to "raise the bar" and produce a show for cars that are rarely, and often times never, seen by the public.

    We are a show for enthusiats, run by enthusiasts. With that being said, it is not too soon to put the big red circle around the dates on your new 2013 calandar and start planning now.

    The show will return to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, (greater Chicago), Illinois. We will again host over 500 of the finest and rarest Muscle Cars, Dealer-built Supercars and Corvettes. We will also have two separate area’s for cars offered for sale. We had over 560 cars from 27 states in 2013.

    Special displays this year include the a very special gathering of Camaro Z/28's. For this we are looking not for quantity, but for the VERY BEST and Rarest examples from 1967 on. We will also host a special Anniversary Showcase display for 1963 and 1973 Super Duty Pontiac's, one for '73 Stage 1 Buick's, another for Plymouth Roadrunners and of course our Vintage Certification area for unrestored original cars and the Triple Diamond Corvette display and competition for original and restored Corvettes that have already achieved both NCRS Top Flight AND Bloomington Gold status..

    Do to the extreme popularity, we will again host the Barn Find/Hidden Gems display along with the Shelby Snakepit and Muscle BIKES displays.

    There will be additional special and invitational displays announced as we finalize details, and as always, we welcome your suggestions.

    This year we will have THREE area’s for commercial displays with spaces starting at just $200 per 10x12' spot. National and local automotive related vendors, suppliers and restoration shops are welcome.

    For general information, check out

    To see what the media says; Includes lots of new coverage from our 2012 show.

    For host hotel information; Direct links for the DoubleTree and the Embassy suites will be added soon or feel free to call the hotels directly now.

    For car show and vendor applications; Registration is NOW OPEN.

    Any questions, feel free to e-mail Bob Ashton at or call 586-549-5291.


    Bob Ashton
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    May 22, 2009
    Detroit area, MI
    And...we will also be hosting a gathering of REAL Baldwin-Motion cars, several never seen anywhere near Chicago before!


    MCACN Managing Member
  3. CamarosRus

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    Of the 40,000 members of this site there were maybe two dozen hard core (nasty members) enthusiasts that paid to attend the 2012 MCACN. This show is arguably the best all brands muscle car show in the world.

    For those of us that went out to dinner together, gathered around Scott Kiehne's, Rick Griffin's, Larry Grief's and Jim Eatons impressive restorations, listened to and chatted with Phil Borris, WE all had a great time.

    I have reserved TWO $92 rooms at the CROWNE PLAZA (room # 2 for ???). (Toll free 1-800-2-CROWNE.........Group is called Muscle Car and Corvettes etc etc)
    Cancellation date is 11/19/13 so if I decide to bail, nothing lost.

    Hoping to see maybe three dozen this time around

    regards to all my friends,
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  4. Chevrolaine

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    Can't wait...again! Thanks for all you do to put this together.:cool:

    I managed to get 4 more "first timers" there last year and they said they wouldn't miss it again.
  5. Dave Nelson

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    Dec 19, 2003
    Vineland N.J USA
    Will try my best to make it this year.
  6. clill

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    Jul 10, 2001
    Woodland, Ca. US
    Thanks for coming guys. It really is a great big party.
  7. kawboy

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    Apr 2, 2010
    I'm planning on making it to the show this year.
  8. l16pilot

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    Dec 13, 2004
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    I will be attending this year along with two friends from of which is shipping his '67 427/390 Vette out for the show.
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    I will be attending the show again this year. I had. Great time last year. I am hoping maybe to get my 70 z28 registered for the show. It would be really cool if we could get a nasty z28 group of cars together for the show if maybe Bob Ashton would approve it. Bob if you read this please get back to me about the PM I sent you.
  10. CamarosRus

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    Wow...hope ALL you guys do make this show. On top of being the
    best all brands muscle car show anywhere, the nasty Z28 members
    seem to have alot of fun meeting each other and chatting about
    Somehow someway we will need
    to plan a meet and greet...

    maybe in Charlie Lillards Suite

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