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Discussion in '1970 - 1973 Specific' started by Peter Wilson, Sep 28, 2017.

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    I need some suggestions on best place to mount the Digital 6 ignition box on my 71 Z . The car is a former race car but is a low milage rust free car . I just dont want to drill any more holes than I have to , in the body other than what is already there and what used to be there that I have welded in and repaired . I might have to drill some holes but want to keep it minimal and as indiscreet as possible and fixable in the future , if I ever turn the car back to a 100 point restoration . I was thinking about the front drivers inner fender where the Charcoal cannister used to sit as there are some holes already there that I could utilize to bolt a mounting plate to , but am concerned about dampness if I ever get caught in the rain with the car . I think inside the car would be best but not much room under the dash .... any suggestions ?
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    You can mount it on the firewall.Or if you want to mount it inside .You can mount it on the drivers side trans tunnel passenger foot well using a custom bracket with MSD shock mounts.
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    Here is where I hid mine. Stays cool too. I ended up shortening my front water shield to 1/2 the height so I get air flow but keep water out if I get caught when it’s pissing out. BTW, when I wash the car there’s always water where the canister indentation is, so I’d stay clear of there. I thought of that side too.
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