Modify stock wheels?

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    Jan 26, 2017
    What about adding material to both the inside and the outside? It would be twice as much work, but just a thought to give a third option
    both inner and outer
    Thing is, they got to get the modification PERFECT-It's got to be HARD to do!
    I'd like to see how they do it.

    If I remember correctly, NASCAR is 10 x 15, and they have reasons for it.
    Kind of make you think about the custom larger wheels like 18 - 20 inches, while they look cool, they have a harder ride and if you hit a pothole or any road hazard, it is easier for the rim to bend. Personally, I care more about how the car handles than how the rims look so I will stick with 15 inch rims. They work at 190mph on NASCAR and on my Z28 with a 155 topend 1:1
    Besides, every thief and his dog are trying to get their hands on those pretty boy 18 & 20 inch rims!
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