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Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by eighty_ICE'dZ, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. eighty_ICE'dZ

    eighty_ICE'dZ New Member

    Aug 21, 2003
    Ossian, IN, USA
    Hello all. I'm brand new to this message board, this is a wonderful and informative group of Camaro nuts. Now to my comment. Is it just me, or are 2nd-Gen Camaro/Firebird owners very loyal to that section of car? I personally owned a '79 Camaro as my first car for 3 years 'till it was stolen. Now I have an '80 Z28. I just couldn't think of buying another kind of car. But it's not just me. I know of three others in my area that have owned multiple 2nd-Gens at one time! Lemme know how all of you feel about it! Thanks!
  2. RacerRick

    RacerRick Veteran Member

    Jul 18, 2003
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    I am more of a Mopar and pontiac guy since I have had about 8 a-bodies and three Pontiac Convertables.

    But I found my Camaro for such a good deal I couldn't pass it up and now am really getting into it. This is my first chevorlet and I can't believe how easy parts are to find, and how inexpensive compared to my mopars and ponchos.

    I was going to just sell the car but it has grown on me and will be my daily driver for next summer after I enter it into a few road race challenges.
  3. RS_SS350

    RS_SS350 Veteran Member

    i'm on my 3rd Camaro

    past: black 81 Z28
    past: blue 81 Z28
    current: 71 SS 350, my favorite by far.

    after i got my first one, i couldn't drive any other car! [​IMG]
  4. ksshane

    ksshane Member

    Aug 4, 2003
    Wichita, Kansas, USA
    Im on my 3rd as well


    Im opposite of psychic... Most the time I dont know what I'm thinking
  5. bowtie_70

    bowtie_70 Veteran Member

    Mar 24, 1999
    Jacksonville, MD
    I'm only on my first 2nd gen but I guess that you could say I am a loyal owner since I have owned it for 33 1/2 years! [​IMG]

    '70 original owner, factory order, mostly original
    307 (hey, I was a poor college student)
    F41 Susp
  6. 73LT

    73LT Veteran Member

    Jun 9, 2002
    PA, USA
    I'm on my third Second Generation Camaro. The first was a 71 Sport Coupe. The second was/is a 73 TL-RS which I bough new and still own. The third was a 73 LT.

    When I was in high school, my bus stop was at a Chevrolet dealership. I can still remember the 70 Ascot blue sport coup in the show room in February 1970. It was the first Camaro the dealership had and I thought it was ugly as sin. After a while the second generation grew on me and I bought one and never looked back.

    In the future I may own other cars, but I always plan to have a second generation.
  7. 3SLO5

    3SLO5 Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Jan 7, 2001
    Edison NJ USA
    i couldnt own a different car i had my 81 first then a 79 for parts then i bought an 80 that i sold then my 81 just got rearended a mounth ago and is totaled so 3 days later after the accident i bought an 80 that i am now fixing.i also had an 86 iroc a 85 trans am and a 71 chevelle that i took out the motor and trans for the 80.
  8. eightyZ28

    eightyZ28 Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Nov 30, 2001
    I just love camaros. My 1980 Z28 is the 4th one I have owned. My husband loves Mopars, especially Roadrunners.(he is on his 3 rr now..) Guess you just get what makes you "feel good" about yourself when you are driving it....

  9. Camaro11

    Camaro11 Veteran Member

    Jul 10, 2003
    Atlanta, GA, USA
    I'm still on my first Camaro... a '78 LT Type. I married it in 1982 (yes, 21 years ago). Currently I'm also on my first Mustang, a 2000 GT Drop-top with a 5 speed.

    You should hear these two cars trash talk in the garage at night...

    I'm faster...
    I get better mileage...
    You have a carb...
    My tops come off...
    My Top goes down...

    All night.

    So now I cover them, even in the garage, just to shut them up.

  10. ddeennis

    ddeennis Veteran Member

    Feb 12, 2003
    well lets see i bought my first camaro around 88 and it was a nice driver for 900 bucks off the car lot back then for a 79 305 with headers it ran just past 130 mph before running out of breathe.

    tough times with law forced sale ..lol later after getting my act together bought a 1981 camaro that was sweet from the same car lot for 1995.00 and that bad boy had a 350 in it that ran WELL past the 130mph mark. that was Oct. 5th 1990. (still have that car but has transformed toooo many times to count from show car to race car from a 15 sec 1/4 mile to high 10's now....lol.

    bought a 78 for my wife but it was short lived she lost interest in it and sold it. it had a dog 305 in it 2bbl that ran 17.80's in the 1/4 with over 130,000 miles on that motor and 2.56 gears with stock exhaust it would top out at 117 mph and it was done out of juice.

    bought an 80 z28 in the summer 2002 but it sat til feb 2003 or so when i started on it. and it has taken up alot of my time since its been months since i drove my 81 .....lol

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