Low-Optioned '74 Z-28 Pix

Discussion in '1974 Specific' started by Jet, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. Camaro-Chevelle

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    Sep 22, 2007
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    Great pictures. I made an album of my 68 Camaro restoration. My Dad is the original owner of my 68 and I have been working on it all my life. It started with photos similar to the ones originally posted. Then the photos of disassembly, body work, paint and reassembly. When you look back and remember, it is a great journey. In my case, it is a life long journey. What a wonderful ride and fantastic experience. Nothing better than having something so close to your heart that it is with you through life.
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    Plain Jane Z/28

    According to the story I was told my Z was ordered by a local girl with low options to keep it cheap. Antique white with Z28 stripes, 4 speed, U14 gauges, black with red welt and red carpet interior, and NO REAR SPOILER. The car arrived at the dealer and she never picked it up. A local guy I knew bought the car and drove it that way for a week or so and I thought it was the ugliest Z I had ever seen. He then had the rear spoiler installed and striped and I fell in love with the car. After high school he joined the Air Force and took the car to Texas. He came home 4 years later (1978) and traded the car at the same local Chevy dealer. I bought the car that week for $4000 and have owned it ever since. We have both been run hard. I'm showing my age way worse than the car.
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    I still remember driving in my 68 Z/28 in '74 and low and behold I saw a brand spanking new 74 Z28 gold with the Z 2 8 graphic pkg driving beside me. I thought they were pretty sharp looking.


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    Thank you. Mine came without the big stickers, and I have pictures of mine with the same sticker on the rear valence. Of course, someone here told me it wasn't factory, but I purchased it from the original owner and he said it was there when he bought it from the dealer. He even had pictures of it shortly after he purchased it.
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    The sticker is on the back of that car because it isn't a Type LT. I believe the debate was that LT cars did not get the sticker.
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    That's correct. Type LT DIDN'T receive one ....it would conflict with the 2 Type LT trim molding strips.

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