Low $$$ anti-theft ideas

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    Mar 21, 2002
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    I heard a story about a guy that wanted to use an inexpensive theft deterrant and replaced his coil wire with a vacuum hose when the car was on display at shows. Once he was on his way home, driving his car, and noticed the coil wire on the seat next to him. The vacuum hose had enough carbon content to allow the high voltage to pass through it. Mythbusters anyone?
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    Apr 9, 2001
    You just pegged what I always do as far as steering my wheels all the way to one side, :)

    Working on getting my Grant removable steering wheel hub as well. Already got the wheel itself. To me this is one of the best deterrents.
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    aces an eagle claw wheel lift tow truck will easily grab the front tires and can be hooked up with very little effort .and in extreme cases i would use go-jacks to position the car so i can hook up to it .

    also when i was driving a flat-bed tow truck my favorite tools /item to use when winching up a locked wheel car was dish soap and water and (2) 5' long 2x4's.i would wet down an area around the tires and on my bed then use the 2x4's as a skid in front of the tires and the car was on the flat-bed in a matter of minutes .
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    Ever see Gone in 60 Seconds?? Nicholas Cage had one with him . . . :crazy:

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    Mar 4, 2005
    I've had the Grant system for at least 10 years in my '80 and I always thought it was one of the best deterrents. You take the wheel off, put a cap on and lock it and as far as I know you can't turn the wheel and hopefully they can't pry the cap off to put another wheel.
  6. lluciano77

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    Rubber is an insulator. Carbon is a semiconductor. There wouldn't be much carbon in the rubber. Overall the hose could not carry the current from the coil to the distributor.
  7. 1981gMachine

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    Dec 28, 2005
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    Good ideas so far...

    I was thinking instead of one cut off switch have like 3 in plain veiw and 1 hidden.

    The visable ones would be for the electric fuel pump, starter, and whatever else would work. Then the not visable one would kill everything. And make sure the the 3 visable ones arn't all flipped to the same direction. Maybe 1 up and 2 down. So this gives many possiblities to get everything on to run and takes up time. Combine this with the removable steering wheel I could see added time to the theft process. But all this really does is stop the teens / rookie theafs from stealing the cars. The ones who want it bad enough will get it.
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    Jul 12, 2005
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    Here's an easy one-

    If you have a MSD box with rev limiter, just pull the RPM chip. It won't run without it. Free, easy to replace, and few thieves know about this. Those that do don't exactly carry around the chips.
  9. 78LT383

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    Not quite true.

    Our hoses are made from Neoprene, not rubber. It includes a lot of lampblack, which is heavy in carbon and conducts electricity. This was a great advance around WWII when tires started being made from neoprene as it made them (especially trucks) much safer, because static electricity would no longer be built up in cars. This used to be a major safety risk (especially at gas stations) because a spark would often set off fires.

    Old timers can remember days when cables or chains hanging onto the ground would be standard equipment for some trucks, especially when handling flammable cargo (like fuel). This isn't necessary any longer.

    How do I know? I stumbled on this years ago when I mounted my battery in the trunk and used some radiator hose to insulate a splice in the wire. My battery kept draining, and after weeks of head scratching, testing, and searching I found the problem. I verified with an ohmmeter that the hose was conductive, removed it, and sure enough that fixed the problem. Eureka!!!

    It takes very little conductance (yeah that's really a word!) to conduct a spark at the high voltages we use in our ignition systems. It might not run well, but it will work. When I worked at a local parts store to put myself through Jr. college, I heard that you can really screw with someone by taking a pencil and drawing a line on the cap from the coil terminal (if it has a coil wire) to the base of the dizzy. It will cause a lot of misfires, and is difficult to see- especially if you draw the line on the back of the cap. You can do the same thing on the inside of the cap, and draw several if you really want to. What an eeeeevil trick!!!
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    I guess you Grant Removable Steering Wheel advocates didn't read my post. You can still drive the car without the steering wheel and that cap on it. I've done it in my '87. Just grab the cap on the column with your palm and off you go. I was able to bust a quick broken U-turn with it, too. easy. The removable wheel would be better on a car without power steering...

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