Looks like we lost all of M21RSZ28 photo archives!!!

Discussion in 'Original Drivetrain Topic' started by TommyRS70, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. flowjoe

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    Feb 7, 2006
    Well, a lot of things really. First and foremost were the changes to the site. My browsers just crawled and all the pop ups etc just made me give up in frustration (you can only punch your tablet so many times;)). Second, I started spending a lot more time on another hobby. Third, my day to day life activities changed and I didn't balance my time well (NastyZ came up on the short end). So I upgraded tablets (which solved the access issue - though I'm not too wild about the new format) and started rearranging my priorities to balance things out and give NastZ and cars a little more time.

    Did ya miss me? :D

    What do you think about an effort to build a photo archive sticky thread?
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  2. twozs

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    Aug 5, 1999
    hopewell jct ny
    I'm for it . Good to hear from you
  3. ggtsvnv

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    Jun 20, 2002
    Reno NV,
    Joe I was wondering what happened to you as i seen no new posts from you. So I went into the members list a few weeks back and it showed you had been on the site. So I figured you were just busy but it's nice to know your ok.
  4. flowjoe

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    Feb 7, 2006
    Hey Grayling! Thanks for worrying about me:bowtie:
    I need to drop you a PM regarding a 12 bolt.

    But to stay on topic:

    Ok, I'd like some input on sub headings from all of you but I will put together a sticky with a heading like "Restoration Photo Archive" and then I'll create threads labeled with titles like "Interior Photo Archive". Inside the sticky will be links to the sub heading threads. Just like the various restoration stickies thread above. The threads would stay open so that whomever has photos and info can add them to the archive.

    I think a brief description of appropriate posts and the warning that I will edit out whole or partial posts if they don't comply would be needed. I'd like to see it all stay focused and streamlined - no questions and answers or debates - just photos with xplanations to enhance and contextual ice tgem.

    I would really like to see some input from the community, before I actually create this thing, on the shape of this archive.
  5. 74BIBELOT

    74BIBELOT Veteran Member

    Just my opinion but you could start with an ENGINE/s section and see how it works?
    We can try to look for this pics(engines) at the beginning and after some experience go to another section?
  6. flowjoe

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    Feb 7, 2006
  7. flowjoe

    flowjoe Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Feb 7, 2006
    Not 5 minutes into the new archives existence and someone posts in contradiction to express, clearly laid out guidelines. C'mon people, let's keep it focused and useful as a readily accessible resource for everyone interested in getting the details right.
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  8. 70lt1z28

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    Oct 3, 1999
    Beavercreek, Ohio, USA

    Those fixes have been tried and work for most PB photos, but for the M21RSZ28 photos it seems to be a different issue altogether. The error message from PB indicates that they have been deleted entirely from PB. Either M21 did this on purpose or PB did it due to lack of response from M21?

    I think you tried to reach out to him? Did you ever hear anything? Did he delete his PB account (hope not)?
  9. clill

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    Jul 10, 2001
    Woodland, Ca. US
    Never heard back.

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