Looking at tubular upper control arms, need some suggestions

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    And they have all the Geometry Changes/Upgrades
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    9EE753BF-16C4-454E-870C-D83BD0376EE3.png 56726752-F820-46AB-8559-A1F7CF597149.png I installed Global West with del-alum bushings and QA1 shocks on my 67 Camaro.
    Looks nice!
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    I found some used Performance Online UCA's on ebay that came with Delrin bushings. Got ~6 deg caster out of them (compared to the 1.5-2 deg absolute max I was able to squeeze out of the stock arms).

    For the most part, on a street car, you're looking to get rid of the sloppy rubber bushings and be able to dial in a decent amount of caster. I know there's more to it than that for A-arm geometry, but was trying to keep the cost down as much as possible so took a chance on them.

    But for a street car, they're fantastic. Between those UCA's, the Y-braces (or G-braces as they're sometimes called), and the recent Borgeson steering shaft upgrade, the car is a phenomenal performer for street use. Car stays glued to the road, stable, and arrow straight at ~100 mph (with no indication that anything would imminently change if I went even faster).

    Now, I don't know if I swapped them out for UMI or Global West or one of the other more well-known brands, would I notice any improvement over these (again, for a exclusively street driven car)? My guess is probably not (at least not enough to warrant the expense anyway).

    Would a track car notice the difference? Possibly... Could I squeeze a little more improvement out of going to lower control ams too? Probably...

    But I'm not going to spend 3 to 4 times the money on a-arms when the difference between them will never be realized. I'd much rather put that money into other things. If I got 80-90% of the total possible improvement with just the UCA's I bought, I'm happy...
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    I took the PTFB G-Braces off my car...may decide to sell them if anyone is interested. My forward swept turbo headers wouldn't fit with the braces installed. I could tell a huge difference when jacking the car up and letting the car down onto the jackstands placed behind the front tire...the ole Camaro front end droop was nearly non-existent after the install.
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