License Plate Security

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    Sep 14, 2000
    I'm with Gary on this one.
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    Maybe go the decoy route. Use regular or even the security screws but modify(cutoff heads, glue to plate front) them so that they break instead of actually unscrew, or they just unscrew without releasing the plate. You will have to fasten the plate from the rear by epoxying some other fasteners to the back of the plate. By the time the thief figures it out he has wasted hopefully enough time that he moves on or you are back to greet him.

    The razor blade idea sounds good until you go to a car wash or similar and forget to tell them and the guys there shred their hands drying the car or something. These days that sounds like a lawsuit. Reminds me of the urban legend about the farmer who got tired of kids breaking into his old farmhouse so he rigged a shotgun up to the front door.
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    I had a roommate that someone tried to rip the plate off but failed. They took the little sticker though. The Tag agency gave a new one no charge B/C of the police report.
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    Nov 3, 2015
    This must have been many moons ago, as with today's society, you would now be sued by the guy who tried to steal your stereo for attempted murder.

    you can really only do so much today to keep something from being stolen. if someone wants it, they will find a way to get it. My theory is, you need to just make your stuff that much less attractive, or just a little harder to get at than the next persons item. Like wheel locks. We all know how to defeat them, but if you have them, and your neighbors car doesnt, your cars wheels now look a little less attractive than your neighbors.
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    Oct 3, 1999
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    Anymore, with the drugs etc out there like it is, ANYTHING you put out there that has even the most remote amount of value is prone to get stolen.

    If you really want to keep them, attach them with magnets and take them with you when you leave the car. Leave a note on the windshield for the cops telling them why your car has no plates and show them the plates when you get back.
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    I like the stainless security torx screws as most license plate thieves won't be carrying a pocketful of different screwdriver bits for fasteners which aren't your standard screws.

    The parking ramp I usually park in for work has a long history of stealing license plates.
    It's not thieves... It's the security fence/bars at the front of the space which grab the plate holder if you park too close.

    When you back the car out of the stall... The front plate (and holder) gets pulled off the car and is left on the floor at the front of the parking space. :(

    None of these security screws will prevent the plate from getting pulled off (or at least bent) once the plate gets hooked by those bars.
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    That was in 1992 !!
  9. Burd

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    Oct 6, 2011
    We never had any missing at the shows. I use them on my cars. The boys are stainless too.
  10. SMCZ28

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    That's my goal for now. Either find something ingenuitive or find the least common security screw. I feel the torx and hex heads are pretty common, but me personally I've never seen a spanner pan head screw. The only time I've seen tri wing screws are on nintendo things "whole reason I decided to buy a kit that has a bit for every security screw" I think the only thing it's missing is a pin hex bit.

    Idea that I had "no idea at all if it would work this way" is get a carriage bolt smaller than the normal screw hole for plate or just take the plate screw holder out, or grind down the small square section on the back of it down and put a nut on the other side of the panel and fasten it down that way. It would be a pita to take off but it would confuse anyone trying to take off. Just have to make sure that it will fit flush with the plate.

    That or modify the plate screw holder to fit the small square section on the back of the bolt to fit snug in it so the carriage bolt will get held by it and I can tighten the nut down on the other side snug and it should be flush with the plate.
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