Leveling bad patched and uneven garage floor?

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    If you decide to pour over it, see if any concrete companies in your area carry Barrier One admixture, from their web site:
    Barrier One is a moisture vapor reduction admixture developed by flooring experts to enable project teams to maintain demanding project schedules and to remain on budget. It is designed to stop incessant project delays and subsequent flooring failures due to moisture migration through below-grade, on-grade and above-gradeslabs.The product works in normal as well as lightweight concrete by restricting the integral capillary system and
    eliminating the route of moisture vapor emission.

    As an admixture, it is integral to the concrete, not surface applied,
    and its use will not interfere with the bonding of adhesives suitable for non-porous substrates, resinous coatings roofing membranes or cementitious underlayments. In short…if it sticks to low porosity concrete, it sticks to
    Barrier One dosed concrete!
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    If you are considering roughing the surface and re pouring self leveling concrete mixture you need to consider a few drill piers 3-4 feet down (past the frost line) to stop the heaving sub strait dirt. they also make a fiberglass impregnated concrete that doesn't need re-bar. It doesn't finish well but if you plan on covering any way no one will see it. For bonding products look at Sika Products. They also have a consulting department that will help you with what products will work in-for your situation. Good Folks
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    If you can't do it yourself perhaps pay someone to jackhammer the old floor to death and then put down some insulation material and poor a new floor over that.
    I guess the main thing is though how long are you planning on living there and how much are you willing to pay?

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