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  1. Wa70SSRAt

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    Aug 3, 2011
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    To any rep from Classic Industries or any NZ28 member:
    I am restoring a 1970 SS 396 L-34 Camaro; it has the original 5 leaf springs. I am considering replacing these with Classic Industries 5 leaf 143 lb rated springs, part # RL5.
    My concern is some comments I have read, on other message boards, regarding leaf springs made for both Camaro's and Nova's, as these apparently are. Other's have mentioned issues with the springs not fitting correctly. Can anyone confirm that these springs offered by CI are in fact what they claim?, meaning, a direct replacement? that they will in fact fit without alteration? that the ride height will be correct?
    Thank you for any input,
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    Aug 3, 2011
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    I have a pair in the attic you are welcome to, the car sat way over the rear tires, me and a friend put all our weight on the rear end and it didn't budge, so I didn't believe those stories "it will settle". I also had what they say were the correct front springs in.

    RL5 springs stance:


    Stance with PTFB (pro touring F body) Sport level springs (made by Landrum but could not find a part number on box or spring:
    (also changed out front springs), the car did settle slightly from this pic, maybe sits an inch lower now:

  4. Wa70SSRAt

    Wa70SSRAt 1970 SS 396

    Aug 3, 2011
    Lake Stevens, WA
    Thanks to both, the offer and info. It appear nobody makes a true OEM spring; so I'm leaning towards having a local spring company build me a set. It's nearly the same price as buying a set, probably cheaper when you consider shipping.
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    There is a company that makes a OEM style spring, Detroit Speed Engineering I believe. But most people opt for something else because the front sits "too high" by today's standards.

    I will look up some part numbers for you because I remember going through this myself.

    One thing I noticed on my lowering springs was the install was initially done wrong. When I was persistent about saying something was wrong, they loosened all the suspension related bolts (and front sway bar) and surprise surprise, the car dropped about 2 inches.
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    Order what you want.If you get the five leafs like I did,from Eaton, measure them before you go thru the trouble of putting them in.
    Put a straight edge from top of knuckle to top of knuckle,measure down in the center.If its 10 1/4",you should have them dearched locally 1.5-2" for a two inch gap from tire to wheel well lip(235x15 60).You will have four inches if you don't.
    For the ending measurement I gave,on a repro 5 leaf,you want 8 1/4" from top to top down in the center of the leaf,before install(laying on bench or ground.)
  7. Classic3

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    Jan 9, 2013
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    Dear Stephen,

    That is a valid question. This particular Rear Leaf Spring Set part #RL5 is a very popular product and our records indicate no returns to speak of. Also, after testing and comparing the manufacturer's blue prints to the factory assembly manual, we determined that the ride height is very close to stock original height.

    Our measurements are based off a completely stock Camaro. Any changes away from the original set up and the measurement can change drastically. As long as everything is stock, this set will bolt right up, and we believe these springs will provide a look and ride that is as comparable to the stock original spring setup as currently possible using reproduction parts.

    Thanks and happy restorations!

    Paul Lach - Marketing & PR
    Classic Industries
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