L78 with motion up grades

Discussion in '1970 - 1973 Specific' started by WebbGM, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Rand

    Rand Veteran Member

    Jun 15, 2007
    Scott what ya think of the $71,900 estimate of yours!??
    I wish now I had bought all the original parts for mine...could have bought them all for $10...(air pollution pump, exhaust manifolds, etc etc)
  2. 70 SS/L78

    70 SS/L78 Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    May 5, 2005
    Rockford, MN
    Yeah who knew back then.

    I think it's a little low. I actually have mine insured at agreed value for more.
  3. Rand

    Rand Veteran Member

    Jun 15, 2007
    With the condition yours is in and with the rating at the Nationals I thought it would be low for yours too. I have watched some of the auctions and have seen cars go for more that weren't as rare as our 1970 l78's.
    (I had mine out the other day and I had another guy trying to buy mine...now I just need to wait and see if he comes up with the dough! LoL)
  4. WebbGM

    WebbGM Veteran Member

    Jan 5, 2015
    Pelham Ga
    Well any offers on my car 1970 L78 correct engine # 840 1969 ,number matching trans and rear 229-445-6007 or mario_webb1@aol.com

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