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Discussion in 'Classic Industries' started by Chuck71RS, Mar 14, 2017.

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    Nov 24, 2012
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    Last Friday, received a large quantity of CI parts, including a full set of standard black vinyl seat upholstery and a black vinyl package tray overlay. Called CI that day about a part problem

    A poor color match of the package tray vinyl to the seat upholstery. The seat vinyl was satin approaching semi-gloss and the package tray looked close to flat.

    Package tray was made by R.E.M.(though not identified on the CI website) and seats by PUI

    Called CI back on Monday for a return. They authorized return at their expense and refund of my cost to ship it to me, along with refund of the part. It was no hassle. Such internet refunding of shipping has not been my experience during my rebuild
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    That is great to hear that they are following up with great customer report. I just received their latest catalog in the mail yesterday and will be spending some time browsing over the next few days!

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