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    Sep 15, 1999
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    Pussy ass is correct and will destroy the Country.
    Hey, I remember a teacher in the 60’s giving me the strap. Can I sue him? Kidding. It’s a he said she said game like everybody is back in grade school ratting each other out. I say grow some balls and report it when it happens.
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    Mar 27, 2016
    I can still remember all the shit from summer camp when I was a kid , anyways I think someone said it best when they said, Let him without sin, cast the first stone,
    What doesn't kill you makes you better, suck it up , and move on ,
    Just my .02
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    Sep 15, 1999
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    News in LA
    Sex and power
    Sexual abuse and harassment allegations about powerful Hollywood men are surfacing so quickly that local police can't keep up.
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    Allegations= Accusations without evidence. No evidence or proof of anything needed to ruin somebody life. Just a plain accusation, and they will plaster your face on a 24 hour a day news cycle
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    I understand how the priest deal was hard to get the ball rolling on.
    The priests all covered it up, and had those poor boys scared out of their minds :(
    It must have been brutal for those kids, a man that is supposed to be as close to their god as you can get,
    just screwed them over & over and the ones that did tell their parents weren't believed or punished :(

    These grown women that went to a hotel room, and let these fat ugly old men screw them over & over
    have no right whining now. You did not have to screw anyone, you could have got a job and earned your pay.
    These POS that raped someone needs to be hung. These POS that molested children need to be hung.

  6. mrdragster1970

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    Like I've said before, rapist bill was caught how many times raping & molesting women,
    and he was still elected to how many offices???
    You have proof, you have the bribe checks to victims so they would drop the charges, you have the damn dress.
    How in the hell is he still walking free. How in the hell is he forgiven.

    They are going to name a 10 BILLION DOLLAR warship after a proven POS criminal, how in the hell do people forget that!!!!

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    Mar 13, 1999
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    Hard to feel sorry for the entertainment crowd, as much preaching as they do. Yes, in this country one is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but companies are free to fire people who's reputation is perceived to damage the company. I don't think it's illegal to promise a role in a movie if one engages in sex, but it is very unseemly, and A-level actresses seem to finally be speaking out en masse. If Weinstein's company thinks the accusations are materially damaging their company, the board is of course obligated to terminate the relationship, from a fiduciary duty to the stockholders. I had read an interview with Paltrow years ago, where she described an incident where a producer wanted her to have sex on the couch to get a role, and she claimed she stormed out. She didn't say who it was then, but I'm guessing now that is was Weinstein she was talking about.

    It will be interesting to see if any criminal charges are filed. Weinstein has at least one accuser saying he raped her, and that is a crime, although hard to prove after years passed. And if can be proven Spacey touched an underage kid in an inappropriate manner, I think that also is a criminal act. Although I'm guessing that once again it will be hard to prove after all these years.
  8. mrdragster1970

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    Agree, on the news today they already said the case against the feldmen molester was dropped because of age.
    Don't know how long the limit is, but all these stars whining about it have been famous for decades.

    I have never understood a statue of limitations???
    You murder or rape some one, they should be able to hang your ass when ever they prove it!!!!

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    Money can make a lot of people be quiet...for a while.

    I used to have a friend who's wife worked years for a local car dealership. He always let the employees have dibs on the demo vehicles for ridiculously cheap. My buddy's wife was due for a newer vehicle so she went to his office and left a note.

    Later he calls her back. He closes the door and asks her to have a seat. He told her that she could pick ANY vehicle on the lot (even brand new) and he'd take care of the payments if she'd agree to screw him once a month. She sat there in utter shock. So after a minute or so of awkward silence, he asked if that was too much...Maybe she could just blow him instead.

    At that point she gets up and storms out gets in her vehicle to leave. He come running out the door and attempts to stop her (jumps in front of her vehicle) which she guns it and barely missed running him over.

    They get a lawyer....ended up settling for a ridiculous amount of money. The stipulation was that she or her family could not talk about the case or slander his name to anybody. She remembered some other girls who worked there quitting abruptly like her...and she made contact with a few of them. They had ALL had a very similar experience working for him. She had a couple of them agree to go give testimonials in front of her legal counsel...which damned any credibility the man had.
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    Sep 15, 1999
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    There doesn’t seem to be any limitations in hunting down Nazi SS for their war crimes. They’re still being hunted and brought to justice.

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