Is it real or not?

Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by 1320racing, Jan 11, 2011.

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    In Oklahoma is is ILLEGAL to change the trim tag ...
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    it may be legal but again you leave yourself open for a civil suit for misrepresentation . there are 2 courts in this great nation , criminal court and civil court and civil hits you in the wallet and criminal hits you in the wallet and your life
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    My '73 has a build date of the 2nd week of February and has the bow headliner with matching sunvisor material. I'll photograph the interior shell pics and post.
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    I had said it was around the 1st week of Febuary and varied based on interior color. Basically in 1972 they already had all the materials and supplies from the supplier either in their possesion or on order. Pretty much the number of cars they built with cloth headliners were pretty much equal to the number of cars they didnt build in 1972 because of the strike. It seems that in black interior Camaros the cut off was around VIN sequence 142,000. All Camaros built all the way up to 1981 had the slots for the T fasteners for the headliner bows. All the way up to 1981 the inner roof structute had the flat area to mount the bracket that the welting for a cloth headline can slip over. 1972 and earlier cars dont have the proper mounting surface to screw the metal end trim for the cardboard headliner.
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    New disclaimer by the seller:


    It has come to our attention that this may in fact not be a factory built Z/28.

    The cowl tag clearly says Z/28 but the vin number says not.

    1972 was a year of total chaos at Chevrolet due to the biggest UAW strike in the company's history.

    Is it possible that Chevrolet took a Camaro on the assembly line that was not designated to be a Z/28 originally and build it out as a Z/28 to fill an order? I think so under the circumstances.

    Not sure that it really makes any difference on a Full Pro Touring, Modified car like this one (way better than factory) but in the interest of full disclosure, we want you to know.

    $1,000.00 BONUS!

    In light of the above information, Flemings Ultimate Garage will Discount our "Buy It Now" price by $1,000.00, or write the buyer a Bonus check for $1,000.00, or allow for customer choice upgrades to this car for up to $1,000.00!!
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    Not in a million years. Nice try though. If GM had parts left over and stopped building the cars for that model year then the extra parts for the 72 model year would have been sent to various GM Parts Dealerships or scrapped and written off for full value. I remember working at GM in the Parts building as a summer student in 73 and saw new parts being broke and written off. Chrome bumpers, radios etc. Sad. They would not sell the parts to employees at a discounted price cause they would get full price by scrapping them. What a shame.
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    Yeah gotta love shady dealerships...
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    ATTENTION DB SELLER !!! it has come to our attention that YOU ( the seller) got burned on a car you got and didn't do your homework on, and are now trying to pawn it off on the public by calling it an authentic z28 !
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    The cowl tag he claims belongs to it is for a white one white car not the orange red color it is

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