Interior Cleaning Tips (Carpet and Leather)

Discussion in 'Detailing Topic' started by DCR 1979 Z28, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. DCR 1979 Z28

    DCR 1979 Z28 Veteran Member

    Mar 26, 2002
    Webb City, MO, USA
    Just bought an old Suburban and the interior is kind of filthy, so does anybody have any interior cleaning tricks especially for carpet and leather.
  2. sal70ss

    sal70ss Veteran Member

    Jan 31, 2003
    Auburn NY
    I would say for the carpet,dont be afraid to get It wet,scrub It with a good stiff brush and vaccum It with a wet dry vac,leave window down to air out and dry.There Is also lot's of leather car product out there that you can buy or the seats.That Is what has worked for me.;)
  3. mjoc

    mjoc Veteran Member

    Apr 29, 2003
    Sherman Oaks, Ca
    I use megiurs to clean and protect my leather. The carpet you can use any commercial steam cleaner and yes leave the windows open a little bit.

  4. rtanner

    rtanner Veteran Member

    May 29, 2010
    fairfeild texas
    pull the carpet completly out take it to the car wash, hang and power wash it, you can do it at home w a power washer, vacum, and use a table fork to scuff out any serious stains, this works great, let it set for a few days in the sun to dry it smell fresh to! if you have cigar burns take and trim sum carpet hair from under the seats put a little super glue in and around the burn hole drop the carpet hair in let dry, its amazing how good it comes out!!!
  5. Red 69

    Red 69 Member

    The best product I have found for cleaning carpets is a product called Tuff Stuff, it is in a red and yellow can. I noticed my local Advanced Auto has it on their shelf. It is a foam, but has produced better results than all the other products I have tried, on both home and auto. I always brush the foam into the carpet, wait five minutes, blot dry with paper towels and then vacuum before it dries. If there is a stubborn stain, I get right back at it with another application of foam and brush. Be sure and vacuum well before you start with the foam. You want to lift the dirt out, not let it penetrate deeper, so keep blotting up excess moisture and vacuum dry.
  6. fbody_mike

    fbody_mike Veteran Member

    Nothing is as nice as a new carpet. For a little over 100 bucks it will really freshen up the interior, plus it can get rid of alot of bad interior smells. It depends on how nice you want it to be.

    For our house carpet we have one of the Bissel steam cleaners, it comes with a hose attachment and I have used that on my car carpets. I get the carpet fairly wet too, but it really gets the dirt out. To dry, I just turn the heater on high let it idle for a while.

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