Installing B&M Megashifter

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  1. downtownblues

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    Dec 9, 2014
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    Hi Guys
    Wanna install an B&M Console Megashifter on my 79 350/350
    Have 2 Questions
    How must i disconnect the stock GM Shift Cable from the Stock Shifter (see Pictures)
    And on the other Pictures you see that there's something connected to the GM Transmission Shift Lever. What's that for ? It's not possible to connect this to the new B&M Shift Lever


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  2. Jim Streib

    Jim Streib

    Apr 6, 2004
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    The linkage that attaches to the frame off of the transmission and then to a lever off of the steering column is what a lot of people call the backdrive linkage.

    When the factory floor shifter is moved to reverse, then this linkage moves the lever on the column which then inside connects to a switch to turn on the reverse lights. There is another portion of the switch to where when the floor shifter is in park or neutral, the start is allowed to crank over the motor. The third feature of the linkage is when the key is removed and the steering column locked, the floor shifter cannot be taken out of park to allow the car to be rolled away or moved.


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