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    Idle after a fresh start is about 750 and sounds right. After driving the idle is about 1800 after stopping. Since this varies between fresh start and after driving, I’m wondering if adjusting the idle screw is the first step. Holley 750 DP.
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    Jul 19, 2012
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    I'd start with the choke first
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    Set your idle to factory specs if your engine is close to factory. You set the base idle with the engine warm. If you have an automatic tranny, that gets set with the tranny in drive. Once your base idle is right, you set the fast idle for the engine cold. That is usually done using a bit if trial and error. You set it to a preset amount and then drive it a few times. If it isn't right, you make minor adjustments.
    But, all this depends on the choke settings being correct as the choke controls fast idle and if it is misadjusted, it would also mess with the slow base idle setting.
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