[I]Sort of cool truck tire mayhem vid[/I]

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    These clips are re-enactments of tires blowing off the edge of a slightly bent aluminum wheel. They were filmed in our shop about a month ago. The tire (same tire both clips) is fine. The problem is with the aluminum wheel. The inside edge of the wheel is bent just enough that there isnt enough "foot" to hold the tire on under pressure. We did not notice by the naked eye that the wheel was bent, but we have a gauge we should have used which would have caught the problem. Note that in both clips the pressure was only 55-60 psi, but when the actual explosions happened there was at least 80 psi in the tire. Also note that in both cases when this actually happened (One time was me) somebody had literally just removed their hand from inside the cage. I'm pretty sure that it would have felt slightly below average if the wheel had hit my hand. The reaction of the person filming the first clip is noteworthy because we all knew exactly what was coming. Imagine being right next to it when you have no idea what is about to happen.....J.R.:bowtie:
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