I have a 1980 TurboTrans Am. Anybody know which wire powers the fuse box? and where does it go?

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1980 Turbo Trans Am. sbc transplant, can't figure out how to power the fuse block.? which wire?

  1. where does it go? starter? alternator?

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  2. simple problem, just don't know

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  1. steve gisi

    steve gisi New Member

    Feb 9, 2017
    I have a 1980 Turbo Trans Am. I have replaced the blown motor with a 355 sbc. I cannot figure out which wire coming out of the fuse box powers the system, or where it should go. I know this is very basic, but I am missing this information. I have a schematic of the wiring, but it shows 4 red wires, to go tho the alternator, the other 2??? which 2 go where? Anybody know?? The jackleg mechanic before had the wiring all F?@Ked up. HELP!!
  2. bourbon_scotch

    bourbon_scotch Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Jan 10, 2003
    Only diagram i could find was for a 1979....

    shows power comes from the battery to the starter solenoid straight down through a fuseable link to a junction where it splits off... if you go straight down it goes right over to the fuse box. You can see the fuses on the right all have the common (+) to them.

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