how to vinyl dye from seats???

Discussion in 'Interior Restoration' started by Swims350, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Swims350

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    Jun 29, 2015
    Logan wv
    anyone ever removed vinyl dye from seats and not ruined the vinyl? I've searched online and keep seeing use acetone zylene? and thinner or even mineral spirits. I figure those would remove the dye but worry about ruining the material.

    I ask because I got a 79 trans am, seats are perfect, but they are red, I'm not fond of red interior, plus they are dyed red, I can see black showing like in the zipper seam in back and like on the bottom. If they were actual red viyl covered I would leave them.


    they are dyed so I'm thinking either remove it so they'll be black, which is what I want, or redye them black. The back I'll have to do black regardless because they were white, but I can see some black on them and then the red.
  2. hogg

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    Dec 29, 2000
    If die is not pellin, I would use lacure thinner on what seems to be to thick, you will need to degrees clean seat very good,never been a fan of dieing seats that gets used a lot. Your just taking a chance for Die over the red, be good for awhile. Maybe
  3. Swims350

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    Jun 29, 2015
    Logan wv
    I know that's why I don't want to dye them but they've already been dyed.

    The fronts look to have been black vinyl made that way and they got dyed red, rears look to have been white vinyl that was once done black and then again in red.

    I wanted to strip the fronts to black and leave them, then do the rears black. I doubt theyget used much
  4. phat80

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    Jan 4, 2013
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    I've never found anything that will remove the dye without dissolving the vinyl. It's logical when you think about it, in order to bond to the vinyl it has to be a vinyl molecule that you spray on. So if it will dissolve the color molecule it will also dissolve the fabric molecule.
  5. 1971CamaroGuy

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    Oct 31, 2004
    Do yourself a favor and get those seats recovered or swap seats......going to be hard to strip them and I would NEVER put paint on seats or use seats with paint on them. Too high wear of an area.

    Leave the interior painting to hard plastic parts only, cloth or soft vinyl fabric of any kind should not ever see this stuff
  6. Burd

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    Oct 6, 2011
    Amen brutha

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