How to destroy your rear axle in epic fashion

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by muscl car, Nov 1, 2017.

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    Here's another good one ....

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    Jesus chuck.....I thought there was gonna be a picture of my ride lol ;)
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    Couple Camaros

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    here's a friend of mine crashed his SUPER BADASS BUG... yeah it was stupid fast... his current on is faster. :)
    Best i remember... he was testing a SMALLER turbo... unloaded the rear tires and made a left turn
    yeah thats 6.86 CRASHING the lights.
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    He didn't even make it to the 60'
  6. muscl car

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    I know you've got pics and or carnage trophies , post em up !!;)
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    WOW to all of them! Thanks for posting!
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    Factory Ford 9 inches are fairly weak. Even the factory nodular cases were only good for about 450hp with a stick if the car dead hooked. Back in the early and mid 70's Ford pro stock racers ran Dana 60 rears. I think the Ford only caught on because the Oldsmobile rear was so popular with it's drop out center section and because the Ford 9 inch used the same housing ends and bearings as the Olds rear so brakes and axles were interchangable. Olds rears were getting hard to find so the aftermarket stepped up and built parts for the Ford.
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