how rare are 70-73's?

Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by coolss, Dec 9, 2007.

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    just payed $3.41 for premium. in So Cal. When your Camaro is the only truly running vehicle. Its hard not to Block out the fact that you are driving it everyware. Hey, i just took my '73 to Longbeach and back Saturday. that was probably close to 180 miles roundtrip with driving around the beach as well. Well worth every penny in gas i might add.

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    I feel that really no camaro is rare at this point in time. When i think rare i think a 70 cuda hemi, or a 409 impala. Very little numbers made and considered to be in publics eyes a true muscle car.

    Our camaro will become rare espeically our 70 model since we shared the year with the 69 camaro. But many of us have modified and rodded our car and took that **rarity** away.

    I went to 9 car shows this year in Portland Oregon and vancouver washington this year and i could count on two hands the amount of 70-73 camaro there were. (not including the duplicates that i saw) None of them, and i mean none of them had the origial motor, interior, drive train, rear axles spiolers, not origial paint or adding stripes and some up graded to air ride.

    even i have put a 383 in my 70. it came with a 307 that is still in my garage.

    Not sounding like i am putting our cars down it just many of us are really not taking care of the **rarity** and class of our camaros.
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    There are several Camaro packages from different model years that would be considered rare by your low production numbers standard. 67 Z2=602 produced, 67 396 equiped=272 produced, 69 ZL1 equiped=69 produced, not to mention all the COPO's and other special edition cars that I don't readily have numbers for. I know I didn't mention any second gen's but I was just listing the extremely low production numbers that I know about. One low production 2nd gen I know of is the 72 Z28's, 2575 of those produced.
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    72 volumes were low mainly due to the GM strike which kept overall productions numbers low.
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    I can probably round up about 10 with a couple of calls. That's including my 71 and both 73's. There's 2 for sale with in 35 miles from me. Do a little diggin' and you find more of them then you think IMO.

    Gotta love em:)
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    "rare" is a relative term here ...

    they made a boatload of 409 Impalas, ~ the same number of them made in 61-65 as they made REAL Z28's in 67-72

    they did not make many Hemi 'cudas in 1970, but more than the L78 70 Camaro:

    1970 'Cuda production
    total coupe conv
    Hemi 4spd 289 284 5
    Hemi Auto 377 368 9
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    I Have a 70 RS 4 spd with 64k that I have owned for 20+ years. I am the third owner and I have POP and dealer invoice. I consider this a rare car.

    Have been going to local cruise night circuit here in Long Island NY for many years and dont see many 70-73s with orig equipment. Most 2nd gen here are 74-75 and up. Most have had engine swaps etc. This is due to the power of the vehicle. I myself have blown many a motor in my younger days.

    When I see rare in ads it makes me laugh. You read on and find almost everything has been replaced. You must remember that when someone is selling a vehicle they use words as their selling tools. Half of what they say is not true.
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    My theory... I'd figure 20 - 35% are "still around" in some capacity.
    More common in the south and out west. Less common up north.
    I personally have removed 4 from existance, kept 2 alive and still have 1 of my own.

    Figure 40% of these things rotted out within the 1st 5 - 7 years of their lives, how many got wrapped around phone poles? Many went stock car racing and are long gone.

    The ones that are left are either fixed up & protected, or sitting in a field waiting for disposition.

    You'd need a crystal ball to know the real amount of what's left, and some of what's left ain't any good.
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    Mar 11, 2005
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