How much are these rear disc brake kits increasing track width?

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  1. 71RS/SS396

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    The reason wheels are mentioned is some of the big brake calipers can interfere with the spoke of the wheel so the mounting pad of the wheel needs to be thicker to clear the caliper. C6 Z06 calipers are one example that are difficult to fit wheels to.
  2. 8pack

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    Thanks! Sorry for hijacking the thread. Looks like I might need to consider a different rear brake set up if I want those wheels and 275/40/18 tires to fit....there is no simple answer on this stuff!
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    You can get those tires to fit. Don’t get a wide rim with 5.5” BS. Get a 18x9 with 5” BS. I ran a 275 tire on a 17x9. Changing your brake set up won’t fix the e-brake cable issue, narrowing the rearend will.
  4. Lou6t4gto

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    I installed a kit 6 months ago, did NOT move the rear wheels out more than 3/16"

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