How many 2nd gen camaros have survived?

Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by BlueBaron762x39, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Rich Schmidt

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    Mar 27, 2010
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    The frankenstien is actually way nicer then the 73 Camaro. Since I would only be basically using the subframe and about 10 square feet of the body from the real 73 camaro when building a new race car especially if I were to go with a new roof and 1/4's it makes more sense to cut that one up. The race car project would have the firewall removed and relocated back to the base of the windsheild,all the inner structure cut out of the roof and 1/4's, ect. I would end up keeping the inner and outer rockers, front section of the door jams and A pilars from whatever car I use. In the back I would probably just weld a new roof skin to new 1/4's and a new filler panel and tail panel with nothing else inside them,just tabs hold them all to the roll bar.

    As far as identical rods,the irony is that back in the early 80's a previous owner had my car as a 10 second street race car and flat towed it behind an identical Firebird. When I bought the car it still had the tow tabs on it. The scary part is that when he owned my car,it was all steel even the hood,and still had the heavy front bumpr,had all the A/C stuff in it and the full stock interior along with an iron headed LS6 bigblock and th400. The car weighed 4100# and he was towing it with a Firebird.
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    Well, whatever you decide to do, please photo document it and post. The whole deal you've got going there is just bad ass.

    That guy flat towing a 10-second 2-ton Firebird with an identical street Firebird is CRAZY! So awesome! Damn, those were the days when men were men and Hondas were for queers.

    And I, for one, would encourage you to keep Firebirds Firebirds and Camaros Camaros. In my opinion, neither takes a back seat to the other. And this means from the beginning in 1967, all the way to the end in 2002.
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    Saw this one in the Kroger parking lot when we went out yesterday. Looked like an older resto. Never did see the owner. Need to get me some of those SGCOG cards printed out.

  4. BigBen

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    Jul 26, 2006
    I got that on mine,kind of useless but I have it.
  5. Captain America

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    Sep 30, 2010
    Thats amazing. Almost everything you said is the opposite in my car :D
    Except the snow, i live in texas so we dont get that very often.

    Only noticeable body damage on mine is some sort of dent? on the driver side rear fender, and some paint smudges on the hood. But its definetley in the 100ks. When i got mine, the radio was held up in a cardboard box, it had a CB radio mounted on the center console, glasspacks underneath the doors, and so forth. We had to drive 3 hours south of dallas to pick it up, so im not all that surprised though
  6. x Wild Bill x

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    I just picked up a 79 Camaro in pretty good shape. Out of all the cars that go to a cruise night on either Mondays or Tuesdays around here with 200+ cars, I usually see one 2nd gen, if that. Same for 4th gens, it's weird...


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    wow that is the niceist camaro interior ive ever seen looks like you need carpet and thats it nice score $800 man i got mine for $300 and it was a pos rusted frame rails and all but i love it 2nd gens are going to more rare the 1st gens just wait and see
  8. jroach

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    man i would love to get my hands on a nice 6cyl. sport coupe. there can't be many of those left.
  9. Rene Melten

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    Sep 22, 2007
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    That's a rare find, didn't even really think they existed, untill now.

  10. How do you all know its really a 52K miles survivor? I have a few cars with 50K miles and they still look new. My guess is really 154K since there was no 6th digit to prove it.

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