How I remove anodizing from trim

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  1. bfmgoalie

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    Be VERY careful with caustic soda; Sodium Hydroxide. Dissolution of sodium hydroxide is highly exothermic, and the resulting heat may cause heat burns or ignite flammables. It also produces heat when reacted with acids.

    The standard first aid measures for alkali spills on the skin is, as for other corrosives, irrigation with large quantities of water. Washing is continued for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

    Sodium hydroxide is corrosive to several metals, like aluminium which reacts with the alkali to produce flammable hydrogen gas on contact.

    I used to deal with this every day. Nasty stuff!
  2. SactoJD

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    Apr 25, 2017
    Stupid rookie question: Will any of these methods/products be ok with trim on (i.e., not damage paint)?

    I can see myself getting sidetracked with clips and misfit install if I remove the trim (plus I'm always interested in the easiest way out).

    Love this site.
  3. rodebcada

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    Aug 25, 2013
    Check out
    Anodizing stripping kit. I did the drip rails on a79 z28. Did an awesome job and did not hurt my paint. I did not remove them. Great stuff and very easy.
  4. hogg

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    Dec 29, 2000
    When using stripper or any other bad stuff , wide shipping clear tape or seilafan tape,clear plastic tape can be used where you don't wont to strip or run paint or other things , it just got to be down tight or the paint not to thick that it would left some under the edge,give yourself some lead way from the edge of tape. But then again the tape may pull the paint off.

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