How do I really tell if my Camaro is a Z28?

Discussion in '1970 - 1973 Specific' started by j4bigtyme, Jun 3, 2013.

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    I've done as much research I can on the car, the Vin # is 124871L51190, from what is told on this site its a V8 sport coup. The cowl tag does not say its a Z28 but then again I have never seen a real original example of a Los Angeles 71 Z28 cowl tag, only sample pics. The internal plant codes are 481581 020102, body # 08894, Plant L (Los Angeles), body paint 11 B (white with black vinyl top). The motor is not the matching one so it is also hard to tell if the car is a real Z28. Trying to sell this car, and some guy told me that in the Vin # the B should be a T and or a different letter that tells you its a Z28 but i disagree with the 71 models.
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    Verifying a pre-1972 Z28
    To verify a 1970 or 1971 Z28, hopefully the car will be built in Norwood Ohio because the Z28 accessory code will be stamped on the trim tag. However, since you can buy trim tags these days, you need to spend some extra time verifying what you're looking at. (And for heavens sake don't put a "Z28" trim tag on a car that still has a 6 cylinder VIN on it, you'll get caught).

    Hopefully what you're looking at is "all original". If it is, you can verify engine codes and codes on the transmission and rear end. All the stuff should match the car it's in, and it should be coded as Z28 equipment. If it matches, you're in business. If it doesn't match, you got problems. Make sure the stampings are legit. Any idiot with a hammer and punch set can throw a wrench into this deal.

    If the car was built in LA.... The Z28 WILL NOT HAVE AIR CONDITIONING. None. Verify that there are no traces of A/C (ducting, kick panels, big hole in the firewall for evaporator). Presence of Air Conditioning will disqualify the car immediately.
    The Z28 got a UNIQUE throttle pedal. It's hinged off the floor with a bracket mounted on the floor board. Non-Z Camaros got a throttle pedal hinged off the firewall. The Z28 has a 8000 RPM tach, which redlines at 6500 RPM. Low performance cars have 7000 RPM tachs and lower redlines. The Tach (part of the optional instrumentation) is OPTIONAL in the Z28 however, so not all Z's will have a Tach. IF it does - it'll read to 8000 RPM. The Z28 has a 3/8" fuel line (and a return line?). Low performance cars don't have the "big" fuel lines. This IMO is not definitive because regular 350 powered cars got the same.
    ALL Z28's got the F41 suspension, which means there will be a rear swaybar on the car, or presense of one. Since the rear swaybar brackets are welded to the frame, it'll still be there even if the bar is removed. The car MUST have these brackets welded to the rear frame rails. The car will have a 12 bolt in it (1970 only). 8 bolts and a couple brake lines and you can unbolt this and run off with the expensive 12 bolt, which has been known to happen. The (1970 only) Z28 originally had a 12 bolt rear. It's not uncommon for a 10 bolt to be sitting under the car now for whatever reason. Obviously the 1971 Z28 has a 10 bolt rear end.
    The Z28 can be an automatic, or a 4 speed. If the car was an automatic, it was a TH400. The TH400 has an electric kickdown, so if you have a cable kickdown from a TH350, you have a problem. The TH400 requires a small hole to be punched in the firewall for the kickdown wiring to pass through. Also the throttle pedal arm will trip the solenoid switch.
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    Norwood cars too ...

    not true, the 70-71 cars were STANDARD

    to add:

    front lower control arm bushing aluminum spacers, ALL 2nd gen Z28's had them. Rear bumper guards, ALL 70-72 Z28's had them.

    In addition, most all LA (Van Nuys) built Camaros had a build sheet in the interior AND on the top of the gas tank. Most had the build sheet under the passenger front seat, but they have been found elsewhere, under carpets, behind the rear seat, etc.

    The VIN shows NOTHING other than V8 or 6 cylinder for 1971
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    the Z28 will have a 26 inch radiator opening on the support . not unique to the Z but the only other cars to get it were the L78s and ac cars ( omitted for the above reason ) and trailer tow package cars ( rare )
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    My 73 RS 307 came with the Heavy Duty cooling option
    It was originally sold at a San Diego Ca. dealer
    I don't have the build sheet,but I have the dealer invoice
  6. twozs

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    Aug 5, 1999
    hopewell jct ny
    the trailer package was a rear gear and the VO1 cooling . the VO1 cooling could be had by itself . this is rare as it only was applied to 1700 some odd cars in 71 ( between the both ) excluding preformance models . with the amount of changed front ends on these cars it not really a standard to go by . it would solidify the rest of the car as a z28 with other stuff , but as a stand alone as possible proof of a Z28 , probably not .
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    Most LA cars have one or more copies of the build sheet hidden in the car. If you can find one, you have your proof.
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    To add a few other things: Only Z's had 15" Rims, Alu-Rubber Stub on the Front Lower Control Arms, floor mounted Gas Pedal and Automatics had the Kick Down Switch mounted behind the Gas Pedal (Not on the Firewall) and of course the 360Hp 350LT1 engine and all Z's had Strips.

    These things distinguish the Z body from say a BBC SS model.

    The RS, U14 Gage Cluster, Big Rads, F14 Suspension and 12 Bolts could be ordered as Options on any model, including 6 Cylinders.
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    pretty much all that stuff was posted in post # 2 and 3 . and i dont think you could get a gage package , f41 or a 12 bolt on a 6 cylinder model . these were all V8 options .
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    The gages were a Rally Sport option

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