Hood Hinge Bolts

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    Thanks Dave, I will check the AMK bolts unless someone has a complete original set they want to sell.

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    They came from my 1970 AIM and the last revision on this particular page was 2-12-70 which related to the well known changes that were happening to the hinge assembly. It in fact lists the early hinge assembly part number of 3990431 and 3990432. My April build car has the more common 524 and 525 hinges. I think they changed sometime in March.

    I'll assume for now that the bolts stayed constant through the year.
    It has been my experience that the AMK bolts are "generally" pretty good, but they are making bolts for cars that were made almost 50 years ago now and cars that were commodity items, so not much attention was made to keeping fasteners consistent. It is always preferred to find good used OEM bolts if possible.

    There is a guy over at the Supercar Forum (www.yenko.net), Enoch, that specializes in OEM hardware and sells on eBay. He is what I would consider expensive though and it helps to know specifically what you are looking for before going to him.
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    I could/should sell fasteners......but I'm too busy with "life" and dont need
    the money all that badly

    I do need a OE 70 Z28 Air cleaner AND/OR a lid !!!!!!!!!!
    Also need a interior heater box assy !!!!!!!!
    Shall I continue............

    Fasteners.Clean.7 (Small).jpg Fasteners.Clean.9 (Small).jpg Fasteners.Clean.10 (Small).jpg P1010600.JPG P1010601.JPG
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    ...a little late to the party, but hopefully this adds to the conversation. These are original hood hinge-to-fender and hood hinge-to-hood bolts from an 06B LA 70 sport coupe.

    This is the hood hinge-to-fender.
    hood hinge to fender bolts 70 06B LA.jpg

    This is the hood hinge-to-hood bolt
    hood hinge to hood bolt 70 06b LA.jpg

    It is unlikely GM had only one supplier for fairly common bolts/hardware, so I expect there would be a variety of head markings for this application and it wouldn't surprise me if some were mixed on the same vehicle.
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    I agree with Steve, there were multiple bolt suppliers so head markings will vary. However the style of bolt will look the same.

    I can vouch for AMK fasteners, Good quality! Style & markings are pretty much identical to many of the factory bolts. I compared some of my originals that matched and you would be hard pressed to tell differences. Unless you had them side by side you wouldn't know. Many of my fasteners suffered from corrosion so I wasn't reusing them. I reused what I could or had too.

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