holley carb fuel priming .... made simple !!!

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    ever had issues on trying to get fuel into a holley carb like a new carb install, fuel lines or even getting the motor to start imediately for break-in !! try this as it works very well and i've done this many times with no problems .

    parts you'll need :

    1] large empty bottle with a squeeze tube end like a gear oil bottle

    2] fuel line or surgical tubing the same size as the fuel bowl vents , probably 1-1/2 foot of length is all that's needed

    procedure :

    locate and remove fuel bowl sight plugs and set them aside

    locate primary and or secondary fuel bowl vent tubes

    install tubing over either of the two vent tubes

    pour fuel into clean and empty gear oil bottle and re-install squeeze bottle top

    next attach tubing onto the tip of the bottle and squeeze the bottle allowing fuel to enter the bowls

    continue filling bowls until fuel begins to come out of sight plugs

    re-install sight plug and gasket and repeat procedure for the other fuel bowl

    doing this will properly prime your carburetor so it will start very easy and will also self prime the fuel system without excessive cranking and wearing down the battery
  2. a pepsi bottle will work well also you can put the cap off of the gear lube bottle on it
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    Dec 28, 2003
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    i have a few meat injection syringe's that i use to draw up some fuel,, and shoot it into the bowl vent tubes. works like a champ. one syringe filling is enough to fill the bowl without overfilling it. only need to do the primary bowl. secondarys will fill as it runs. usually primes the pump the first go round like you say. if it's broke in already,, cover the front airhorn with your hand and crank it a short couple of cranks or so with the ignition unplugged. it'll suck the fuel right through to prime the pump. careful with that one though. don't flood it. works in a pinch.

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