holley 650dp again

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  1. could some one please explain to me how the electric choke adjustment changes things? it has a rich lean option to it.
  2. and also is there a special way to adjust the secondary floats to the glass sight? i turned it in all the way and there is no change.
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    I'm glad to see that you're finally in the ballpark with the A/F ratios! That adapter plate looks like it worked out for you as well.

    Did you try to open the secondary throttle blades after you adjusted the secondary float level? Try to get the fuel moving out of the bowl and see if the float level resets itself. If not, perhaps you should pull the top off the carb and make sure the float is installed correctly and that the needle valve isn't dirty or sticking (it's a new carb - it could have some debris left over from manufacturing).

    To be more specific on the choke, the choke butterflies are not closing again once they open up, right? If they are, check that your 12V+ source is continuously hot and check your ground.

    I would suggest calling Summit's tech support line on the fast idle adjustments - I'm guessing you're not the first person with this problem...
  4. http://s40.photobucket.com/albums/e...on=view&current=video-2010-03-16-14-11-22.flv

    here you are for your viewing pleasures, seems like tomorrow will be the day to work on the camaro lol, today was just hell with rain and winds.

    i also used a new app called dynomaster on my phone and this is what it told me after a full throttle run on the freeway lol.

    60ft est.
    4.44 seconds

    11.69 seconds

    and listening to the video i will say i didnt notice but the audio goes from 1 second off to about 3 seconds off, so sorry about that. happens sometime, also there is a faint clicking noise that sounds like valve noise, its actually just a loose cut off valve on the exhaust system.
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    The second half of that video is pretty insightful.

    To me, the idle circuit looks pretty decent. It looks like when you're cruising, the car is rich (primary circuit). When you stab the gas, it goes lean (accelerator pump). You were not on it long enough to see what the secondaries are doing.

    At one point towards the end, you commented that maybe it was the choke closing when you hit the gas causing the stumble -> no, that was a lean miss.

    My take is this: First, get the secondary floats adjusted & drive the car. See if it drives about the same. It may richen up the secondaries if the bowl is being starved of gas, you'll just have to see. Second, go leaner on the primaries to get the cruise A/F ratio up. Third, if you're still lean on the off-idle transition (when you "stab" it), start to swap the pump cams to add more pump shot.

    I'm curious what other people think on this...
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  6. i think in the video you can hear the secondaries kick on. i pulled it up to 60mph and about 30 mph you can almost hear it change lol, it goes from vroom to WOOOOH!! and during that time it really holds itself at 10-11.
  8. just saw somthing and dont know what to think about it lol but at 4:42-4:43 pause it and look at the AFR
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    What, the weird guys looking at you? lol.

    It looks like you're rich on the primaries, lean on your pump shot (or power valve) and then you go rich again. Is that what you're seeing? You do seem to go rich-lean-rich.

    I'm no expert, but it looks to me like you need to go leaner on your primary jets, more aggressive on the pump cam, and leaner on the secondary jets (assuming it still acts this way once you get the 2ndary floats adjusted).
  10. and that is exactly what i am thinking to, but you saw actually in the video when i back out of the driveway and im sitting still it idles 16 AF/r then it changes once i got to the stop sign lol but again i keep wanting to say its the choke acting up still. im waiting for the tech support at summit there line is busy lol. you holding them up. big i almost wish there was a faster way to talk to you directly haha

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