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    erie, PA
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    Bottom line - the vast majority of HOA's are well run organizations and are a benefit the owners - otherwise we wouldn't live where we live.

    Yes there are some exceptions. That can be said about just about everything.
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    PA - Pocono Mountains. i'm maybe 4-5 miles as the crow flies from Pocono racetrack. If the wind is blowing in the right direction you can hear the cars.

    Years ago, the board was a little "older". They started to bitch a little about the ATV's, and started making a fuss over things that were pretty small, but they were also trying to turn it into their own retirement community. Now that the board is a little younger, they arent trying to stop things, but actually add amenities like boat slips at the lake. The community has about 2000 homes, and an equal amount of unimproved lots. 75% of the homes are weekenders like myself, with some rental properties thrown in. There arent that many full time residents in comparison. There is not a thriving economy up here for the most part. I have one full time resident down the street from me that i wish would go back to New York City. They are so loud and obnoxious i can here them talking like they are in my yard. they do provide some comic relief, though, as they think they live on a farm coming from New York.
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