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    Our president lasted 2 meetings. During one of the hurricanes, small trees were torn up all over the community. These trees were between the sidewalk and the road. This is not the homeowners property. So a conundrum happened - who is going to replace the trees? The president had someone drive around, get the address and name of every individual who had these trees torn down and he turned all this info into the city expecting the city council to force the homeowners to replace the trees. The president was replaced.
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  2. bfmgoalie

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    I take it you're not going to move into Venetian Bay?? :)
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    Both the Joshua tree and the Pinyon Junipers are now on the Governments endangered species list
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    Aug 13, 2017
    Most communities have zoning and housing codes to stop things from getting 'out of hand'.
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    Jul 4, 2013
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    We had a rampant HOA member get hired locally with the zoning Gestapo. She started enforcing HOA rules through both the city and the county. I got a letter telling me I was in violation of city code. I informed them I wasn't in the city.I got several citations because I had a "for sale" sign on a car I didn't drive much and decided to get rid of. After informing the city mayor and the county commissioners about my pending civil rights law suit (first amendment), well, she doesn't work there anymore. It seems she tried to outlaw "for sale" signs on cars. However, in October 2000 in the case of Brown v Los Angeles, the Ninth Federal Court of Appeals found that for sale sings can be outlawed but only if bumper stickers are outlawed also. Otherwise it is in infringement upon Freedom of Speech.
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    You got it! That and Pelican Bay too. They have TWO HOAs to deal with. Apparently your street has a local HOA, then the golf community that is Pelican Bay has a super-HOA on top of that too. A friend of mine was renting a duplex back there and was paying over $750 a quarter! I don't have that kind of money!
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    Still have two brand new houses being built across the street from me in Rockledge! Always room for another Camaro!
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    All of Venetian Bay has two HOA costs except Promenade Parke. We are not considered Venetian Bay. We are at Venetian Bay, so it lets us off the hook. We only have one annual cost. We have some homes for sale here....... :)
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    Nov 3, 2015
    Yes. At least mine.

    My little weekend place in the mountains is in an HOA. The area is loaded with them, like way less people live outside of HOA's. Mine is run by residents, no management company, and its actually run pretty well. I pay $445 a year, and that includes trash, plowing, road maintenance, security, lake, pool, and a clubhouse that has food on the weekends and a bar - like a VFW - only members can drink. The community is ATV/golfcart friendly, and thats pretty much the preferred mode of travel. They do have rules as far as things like staining/painting earthy tones, basically, to prevent someone from painting their hose purple, and clear cutting your lot. The rules are enforced as needed. You kind of really have to act like a jackass to stir up trouble. No "real" cops unless they are called. Place is nice. houses are well kept.
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    Mar 24, 2001
    Rockledge, Florida
    Cool. Where is it? I've been looking at all kinds of HOA based locations in the Smokies.

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