helpful tip on quick ratio steering box swapping

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    the biggest headach of swapping the 3rd gen steering box into a 2nd gen is the metric fittings from the power steering pump lines, you could use a 1981 power steering pump or those little metric to standered fittings but for an easy swap you could still use your old pump. to still use your old pump steal the big 1 inch threaded part that goes into the back of the ps pump off the 3rd gen the hose for the preasure line and put it in your pump it will thread onto yours because the inside thread is the same on bolth ps pumps but only the threaded part for the line is different.happy swapping.
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    Contact your pump rebuilder when doing this too. The fittings are interchangeable, but that fitting is what helps regulate the pressure to the gear. I beleive, and I'm not sure on this, that you can put a lame fitting where a good one should go and the set-up may not work as well as you'd have hoped. My local rebuilder told me this, but I haven't confirmed it with someone who does performance steering, like AGR.

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    There are posts already out dealing with this. Contact LEE MANUFACTURING (info is usually in the back of the hot rod mags), and call Tom. He has everything for the swap - adapters and the steering joint.

    The adapters will run about $20 - $25 w/ S&H.
    The adapter can be had from a late 80's early 90's blazer/s-10/s-15 style trucks. [​IMG]

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