Help with Compressor Hard Line ideas

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  1. CasperCasper

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    Aug 11, 2015
    Remember that you cant pull water out of the lines immediately after the compressor. The water takes time to condense out of the cooling air. I have 50 feet before my water trap. It looks god awful as the hose runs up the wall and zig zags down. The air is bone dry however!
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    Actually, you CAN pull water out of the lines right after the compressor. It is called an aftercooler and works pretty good as it keeps the water out of your tank. It takes some money, but not too much if you buy the stuff on eBay.

    Here is a link to my compressor:

    And the results:

    The air going into my tank is ~ 5 degrees above ambient.

    Pulls out about a cup of water an hour at 35% RH. Probably will at least double that in humid conditions.

    Much of it depends on what you want to do with your compressor. I want to shoot paint and run a blaster and for that you need very dry air. If you are just running air tools and don't mind trashing them over time, you can get away with much less.

    If you want to just buy one without fabricating anything here is a link:

    good luck.
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    If you can swing it the after cooler is the way to go. I went with a homemade solution, cost me about $200.00 to put together. It's not pretty but does work. for painting I use a decadent filter to make sure I catch any moisture.



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    Don,t forget to Add your automatic drain kit Works well from Harbor freight for 9.99 keeps the water out of your tank

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