Help identifying losing power at autocross only. Video inside

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    Oct 26, 2014
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    I took this car many times autocross with no problems. Its a holley carburetor small block chevy. The carb was running rough specially in the morning and it stumble when I give it gas. Took it for rebuild. Now runs great no matter how hard I drive the car in the run good. Last week took it to the autocross and the car kept losing power. At first I thought its the distributor or something to do with the engine. But the after few laps it keep lose power at the same exact spots every time. So i'm thinking its the carb. The level in it just above the eye thing. And its tuned properly. Any ideas? Maybe need better jets?
    You can hear when car losing power:
  2. muscl car

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    Floats set to high causing fuel to come out the vent tubes which causes the motor to stumble . Either lower the float level or place a vacuum hose over both vent tubes and cut an opening in the hose in the center of it
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    I'm kind of leaning more towards fuel supply to the carb like the pump isn't keeping up or the tank pickup is sucking air

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