Headlights issues---Hi beams floor button not working properly either

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting & Diagnosis' started by Marky Tex, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Marky Tex

    Marky Tex New Member

    Jan 26, 2018

    My headlights (low beams)will not come on unless I push the Hi beams floor button a few times!?!? Plus, the Hi beam button will not click/lock anymore into the Hi beam setting.....I can only press down on the button to get Hi beams to come on..

    Did u think I need a new floor button? hard to change it?
    does both the low/hi beams power flow thru this floor button?
    any ideas?
    Thx in advance! Mark
  2. Lowend

    Lowend Administrator. .a car, a man, a maraca. Staff Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Mar 25, 1999
    San Jose, CA, USA
    This seems like a textbook worn out switch to me
  3. Twisted_Metal

    Twisted_Metal Administrator Staff Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Feb 26, 2004
    Bloomington, MN
    Both sets of filaments are powered through that switch.
    Replace it and clean the terminals in the plug with a little file while you have access.

    10 minute job... Get under the dash and do it. ;)
  4. budro6968

    budro6968 Veteran Member

    Apr 2, 2016
    Jax Florida
    The switch gets clogged with all kinds of dirt so you could try to just clean it and lube a little to see if it will get to working again. If you are cheap like me. They are usually under 10 bucks to replace with new.
  5. Jim Streib

    Jim Streib https://www.flickr.com/photos/121766713@N04/albums

    Apr 6, 2004
    Saint Louis, MO USA
    Chances are the switch is worn out or an internal part is broke and/or the contacts inside may be corroded.

    I would inspect the wiring at the switch and the plug and if everything looks clean and tight, then replace the switch.

    Here is an album of what is inside those dimmer switches from a 60's-70's era GM car:






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  6. dale68z

    dale68z Veteran Member

    May 14, 2009
    Glendale Arizona
    I daily drive my car. I have replaced the floor switch three times. I got tired of them lasting for less than 2 years. The one in the car started goofing up. Pulled it out, found the contact plate, the part the wires connect to was loose in the housing.
    I disassembled, cleaned and lubed it. Re swedged over the aluminum so it was tight.
    It has been perfect for about 10 years.
    Make sure the wire connectors and spade terminals are clean and tight. It was common for the connector to get hot and melt.
  7. Marky Tex

    Marky Tex New Member

    Jan 26, 2018
    Ok--thanks to all !!1 I'll replace or clean the switch asap

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