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    Aug 13, 2005
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    searched forums and saw alot of posts but not any recent ones. I am putting on hooker super comp headers and percys seal 4 good gaskets. SBC 350 I have 12 pt ARP header bolts but I just want to make sure those are good enough based on your guys opinions. Also a recommended torque value. I see stage 8 bolts. I already have the ARP 12 point bolts and would use them if you guys think they are fine instead of spend money on something I really dont need.
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    I have used both .on both my cars. There are ways to use them My 1979 Z-28 RS has a supercharged small block Chevy with Eldelbrock Performer RPM aluminum heads. It has a set of Doug Thorely "Big Tube" headers, >I have used both a composite or a copper gasket. with a thin coat of copper silicone RTV, With the Stage 8 bolt I use some blue Loctite . And the Stage 8 I use some anti-sieze Once I have installed the gasket. I let it go through a few heat cycles I check the tightness .The Check them every once an awhile.

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    The 12 pt. header bolts can be a real pain with some headers as you can only use a box end or 12 pt socket.
    Due to header primary clearance.... Sometimes you need to use a crow's foot or an open end wrench.
    (Or you need to trim the box end wrench with a grinder.)

    I tried to use the 12 pt ARP header bolts with my Hedman headers and then used hex bolts because of this issue.
  4. CorkyE

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    The Hooker headers I have are a real biotch to get at the rear bolt on #8, lot of skin scraped off in that area. Only thing I can use is a ground down open end 3/8". I looked at some of that fancy stuff and decided they would work best on an open hood rod or dragster, not on a 2nd gen with full accessories. IMHO
  5. Gary S

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    I have never seen any "bad" header bolts. Even the cheap ones that come in the box with new headers will work great if you have good header gaskets. The problem with the bolts getting loose isn't the bolts turning. It is the gaskets compressing with heat cycles. If the gaskets keep their original thickness, any header bolts should work great.
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    Aug 13, 2005
    Honolulu, Hawaii USA
    To all....I see...... Well maybe you guys can recommend a good set of regular 6 point hex bolts then. I think a nice set of hex 6 point would be better since I will use the percy's seal-4-good gaskets with the dead soft aluminum which i suppose are very good header gaskets. Also can you guys recommend an initial torque until i run it through heat up and cool down cycles.
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