Has anyone built a truck cap lift?

Discussion in 'Garages, Workshops & Tools' started by OsborneConst, Dec 20, 2013.

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    I'm looking to build some sort of lift to hang my truck cap(s) on the ceiling of my shop with 12' tall walls. I was just curious if anyone else has done this, and how they did it. Building the frame will be easy out of 2x4's, but I'm not sure how or what to use for the pulley system. Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Personally, I'd modify a hard top lift. How heavy is your truck cap? Are we just talking about the flat hard tonnau covers or a camper shell? Look for a top lift for a Mercedes SL or an early Thunderbird. A simple pully is mounted in the ceiling and you can tie it off to a hook on the wall. I've never really trusted them though. I had a 380SL for years and I made a cart to stand the roof on end and roll it around. That way it's easy to move and a failing rope won't drop it. A replacement rear glass for my '82 was $1000 so I really didn't want to take chances.
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    1/4 inch steel cables. Garage door pulleys and connect them to a boat trailer hand winch. Or electric winch if you prefer. If this guy can lift his whole paint booth, a truck cap should be easy...

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    ^^That's just Cool!!!

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    Way super cool!!!!!!!!!

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