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  1. 73triplez

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    Feb 2, 2018
    Hi all new to nastyz28 site. Own a 73 triple option rs type lt 4 speed z28. Was looking into harrison radiators, and trying to figure out what my code is . Is says AB on passenger side tank and is a Harrison. Dated B3 for feburary 73? And the car is dated 04a first week of april. It needs a recore or fixed but wanted to be sure this is an original. No A/C and no tag also. Thanks
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    Aug 14, 2008
    Hello 73triplez,

    I've learned a lot about the old Harrison radiators while searching for an original XY coded tank for my car. - I am confident the AB coded fill side tank would be correct for your car. The Z28's used the larger radiator core opening and it took the AB coded radiators to fill the width ( which is why the fill neck is on a 45 degree slant to miss the hood ). You are correct on the date, the B is February and the 3 is 1973, so that lines up perfectly with your trim tag date of April. - The smaller drivers side tank should/may have IA on it or it's possible it could just be blank with no codes.

    One word of note, is that the new modern day replacement cores have a different top/bottom rail design. - If you are going for originality, find a shop that will use your existing top and bottom rails on the new core. - Some shops will say they can't do it, but they can, they just don't want to.

    Good Luck !


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