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Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by mountaindewguy, Apr 28, 2017.

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    sadly i sold my 79' z28 a while back and havn't been on this forum in a while. but i came across a tire inflator can that came out of my camaro, and i figured the best place to ask about it would be here! the GM part number is 9590399

    was this specific to 77-81 camaros? if not what years was it specific to? specific to camaros only or generally any car in that time frame?

    i'd like to sell it, what is it worth? it's been collecting dust in the garage, don't want to toss it, i'd rather sell it and rehome it to someone doing a restore. thanks in advance! 18056733_10155282102302718_4063409880036297918_n.jpg
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    Thats what came on my car .And I did use mine.And they were a bit of a hassle..But a lot of us don`t have our stock brakes on our cars so it wont work .But for some who keeps their car stock. It looks like some cartridges are available online. I would check there for the price availability .Then go from there.
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    During the late 70s, many GM cars had those inflators. However, the can should be marked for the size tire it was intended to be used with. There were different sizes available from GM.

    Using a cannister that it too large for the tire can make the tire "go boom".

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