Fuel line and regulator plumbing to EFI rails

Discussion in 'High Tech Retrofits' started by woody80z28, Nov 21, 2016.

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    While I have been known to change my mind, I really don't think I will go above 500 hp in this car. So I am thinking my current setup will be fine given a sub-500 hp build.
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    I think I've decided on a fuel line solution. Regulator up front for accessibility with crossovers front and rear to minimize any pressure spikes from injectors firing (especially in MPFI batch mode). The regulator being so close to the rails should also help with that. Routing the lines far away from the headers should minimize any problems with heat soak. Have a couple fittings in the mail to finalize the plumbing, but this should be it:

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    to each thier own.... but i personally would have the regulator and return as the LAST thing in the fuel line..... to ensure all the injectors are pressuresized.... your rearmost injectors may starve without you even knowing why.... as your fuel will take the path of least resistance.... ie injector furthest from your return will have the least opportunity to be pressurized due to your feeding the inlet in AT the regulator.

    Just don't send fuel from tank TO THE REGULATOR.... have it feed the rails first.

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