Frank Arone's 70Z sets point record at Nationals

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    These were dipped at the manufacturer. I believe they were hung by the ball joint hole and dipped to various levels. This is the level Frank probably saw during the research on this car.
    I have heard of restorers getting several gallons of black enamel and floating it on a tub of water and dipping the parts and drawing them back out. Lots of runs, but that's the way they made them. I think AO Smith did frames this way, but it would take obviously a very large vat and many gallons of paint. Not many want to invest this much to duplicate runs in the paint.
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    Yes control arms were dipped, some more than others. I've also seen some that had no bare steel and were completely dipped.

    Franks car also had original 1970 door/window weatherstrips, (1 year only design) so he received additional bonus points. 1st time a 1970 'restored' car has gone thru Legends judging with original weatherstrips. Bonus points are also given for original documentation such as buildsheet or POP. Bonus points can really help boost your final point total but at the same time those points aren't easy to get.
    Frank did a really nice job restoring his car! Any point deductions he had were minor.
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    Scott, Does Frank's Z have 1st design trim rings (very interested in how they were finished?)
    and did Frank buy real expensive 1st design lug nuts ???

    Were some judges/people "stunned" with those NOS 1st design window/door weatherstrips.

    Any conversation about Frank's trunk spatter paint ????
    Camaro Natl's is ONLY show anywhere that even knows what these above items are !!!!
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    He had original trim rings but not the lug nuts. I believe he said he's working with a manufacture to try and reproduce the correct lug nuts.
    Yes we were surprised to see the original weatherstrips, they were in nice shape.
    His trunk spatter looked nice too.
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