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    Yeah . Its harsh work for sure but like anything, you get used to it. I didnt go to college, I worked and was trained in the art of masonry. Now I make more $$ than my counterparts from High school that went to college. Some of them anyway. I think having an office job in the summer would be far more boring and miserable.

    Besides money though, the hard work has taught me that I can push through and get through ANYTHING.
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    The push for a college degree is led by the educators who work easy hours and make tons of money. The average college president makes 6 figures easy, often well over a million per year. One of the guys at work is married to a teacher. He tells us they act towards each other as aloof as they do with the kids they teach.

    I don't have a problem with an advanced degree. Just go for one that will pay for itself. How many jobs are out there for Art Historians? Sociologists? I work on a shipping dock. One guy has a Masters and is loading trucks. He makes more money per week than he did per month using his degree.
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    At our plant, the old way was that seniority governed who got openings in the maintenance department. That meant you got people who weren't in the least mechanically inclined and their work showed it.
    I partnered with the local junior college and put together a program of classes that covered most of the skills they would need to be decent mechanics. We paid for the classes as long as they got at least a C and they had to complete the program before they would be considered for an opening. Over the years, it was very successful and gave people on the inside the opportunity to advance themselves.
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    No one will convince me that the entitlement mentality of these younger generations is just another figment of the imagination of the generations that came before (i.e., every older generation complains the younger generation is screwed up).

    Even in my field (engineering) the mentality of these kids coming in is something else... lots of them think they deserve promotions for just showing up to work... many leave when they think they'e not getting "what they deserve" despite mediocre performance. We train these guys for a few years and then they pack up and leave.

    The older engineers are expected to mentor the younger ones but frankly I don't feel like investing the time in someone who' going to just storm out the door in a hissy fit.

    Granted this is a generality of course as there are some that are more of the old school mindset of earning whay they get... and you can pretty much spot the difference pretty quickly after spending a little time with them...

    But anyway it's a problem that even upper management recognizes and continually asks us for suggestions on how to combat it...
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    Jul 4, 2013
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    Where I work, many of the hourly jobs are based on seniority. We are starting to make more jobs a qualified position so that a low clock number won't necessarily get you the job as we've had issues in the past. I've got two guys getting ready to retire and we are working on what the job requires so we can make it a qualified position.
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    And if a Kid wants to Wrench, he has to Invest in a $$ Boatload of Tools before he makes a Dime!
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    Nov 3, 2015
    it comes down to entry level pay - It comes down to "the new generation" doesnt accept, or understand the concept of entry level pay.

    why would a guy work for $12/hr at some difficult greasy job when he can work at convenience stores around here for $10? Because that person is a rock head and only looking at "right now" pay. The person that goes to work at your local convenience store because he is afraid of getting dirty has pretty much nothing planned for the future. Thats the target employee for convenience stores. A few friends of mine went to work for basically nothing to get into the field they wanted to pursue. One friends first teaching gig netted him $17k a year, and this was probably 8 years ago now. Its what he had to do.

    everybody bitches about not being able to find's because the companies don't pay sh*t - i can assure you with the utmost amount of certainty that my company doesnt pay sh*t, and its a constant struggle to find employees. Companies that pay sh*t, have sh*t benefits, and end up hiring the employees that doent make it here. Like the ones that call out sick the second week, or dont understand the concept of "full time employee".

    There is so much wrong with your statement.
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    Feb 12, 2011
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    I personally believe it has more to do with "the right person". Entry level is just that... ENTRY. I have worked my ass off running a bobcat 1 summer! didn't make squat... i knew that going in... but I LEARNED MY ASS OFF... (one more feather for me!). I swapped jobs as a Tool & DieMaker to a NASTY NASTY (did i mention NASTY) aluminum casting mold maker. WHY!!!! similar money....but...
    1 more feather in MY HAT!!!
    Hell I was building transmissions during one of my "lay-offs" ..just because...another feather!!!
    I may have busted my ass for the money I made.... but I have a full freaking CHIEF HEADDRESS of feathers... ;)
    I can say...not only do I understand things due to my education and god given mechanical knowledge.... BUT I HAVE USED THOSE SKILLS AND PROVEN THEM TO BE CORRECT!

    So ... i say it is based on an individuals personal motivation. Sometimes you gotta sell the BIG picture of what doing brake jobs can do FOR THEM...
    maybe thats just me.
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    Mar 4, 2016
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    I don't think this is about Generation - I remember working at McDonalds (when there was one in Town & it was a "Cool" place) as one of my 1st Jobs. I lasted about 2 Weeks because I knew right away Entry Level Pay & the Job that went with it wasn't for me!
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    Mar 20, 2018
    As a member of what I can only consider the worst generation in American history. It IS the generation not the job availability nor they pay that is the problem. I have worked 40 hrs a week since I was 16 because I have goals and aspirations that I want to obtain on my own. My father taught me to take pride in my work. With that pride I am unwilling to take a handout, especially considering any “free” items the government gives to someone, they stole from someone else.

    No matter how I look at it, if there are 3 people in a room two people broke and one of them has a $100 bill and they take a vote to split the third guys $100 it doesn’t make it fair right nor equal.
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