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    The Europeans use the month/date/year sequence. As fpr the Julian calendar, well, it sort of is. We use the Gregorian calendar which is a modification of the Julian calendar. By the 1500's, the days had gotten WAY out of sequence with the year. Pope Gregory instituted the change to stay with the celebration of Easter. All Christian nations except for Britain adopted it with the British Empire following in the 1700's. Instead of an hour, people lost 15 days or so. Landlords still charged a months rent though.
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    I'm an early riser too. I takes me a little while to get used to the change, like my body cant just all of a sudden have an extra hour to deal with. I was up way too early Sunday morning, like i guess 3:30 since i normaly get up at 4:30 ish. and yes, even when i am off for the day i get up really early too. "sleeping in" is not something my body does. After i get over the first couple days of waking up well before i should, i dont really mind the time change. Daylight gets shorter this time of year anyways, even without the shift, its hard for me to get home, walk the dog, etc, and have any daylight left to get anything productive done.
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    It's dark at 5:30 now. Really sucks.
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    It is dark at 5:30 when I get up too. We call that Winter.
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    Millions of American's work outside for a living. The time change is for them, blue collar workers. It keeps the sun centered up on the work day. In many municipalities construction work can not start until sunrise around residential areas. I have had the police pull up and make us stop work until sunrise.
    Funny to here you guys whining. I have to drive in the dark, I can't go outside in the middle of winter to mow my lawn, I'm scared of the dark and boohoo boohoo boohoo.
    Toughen up.
    I don't think everyone understands this anyway. We are now on Standard Time. Same as most of the world. So if you don't like the schedule during the winter, then you are arguing for the USA to be an hour off forever.
    I like Standard Time in the winter. Why we switch to DST is what is strange. Those months, daylight is not an issue in the morning or evening. Daylight Savings Time is in effect for longer than Standard Time as well. I think they recently made DST even longer.
    Nope. The time we are on right now is the best for the short daylight work days of winter. Folks need it for putting food on the table. Deal with it.
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