failing ssd drive?!

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  1. crazypurgatory

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    SO I have a 120Gb ssd drive and it has bad sectors on it and I'm trying to clone the drive but when I do it gets to a point where it's got a bad sector and stops the cloning. I'm using Seagate software. I've tried to fix the drive with chkdsk but no luck.
    Is there any other free programs that would copy my windows10 drive and not copy the ssd drive bad spots?

  2. Gary S

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    Apr 14, 1999
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    The disk copy programs usually do a bit for bit copy. That makes them do what you already tried. It can't copy the bad bits so it fails. The best way to replace the drive is to simply install a clean operating system on the new drive and put back your personal files once the operating system is working. It takes a bit more time and effort, but it works right again.
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  3. crazypurgatory

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    well the problem with that is it's an HP computer and it had windows 8 on it I hated it and put windows 7 on it and then had Microsoft up date to windows 10 so I have no disk. :(
    Maybe I should use something that will image the drive like maybe Nero? The drive is starting to get unstable and it only has windows 10 on it so I won't lose anything other than the OS.
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    You did back it up somewhere, right? (Even I mess this up occasionally.) Can you recover your personal files, email, etc.? Then buy a new one and a new op system and start over.

    Acronis sells a good backup program that will save your bacon when/if it happens again.

    Also, are you sure the drive is failing or the controller burped?
  5. Gary S

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    Since Microsoft upgraded Win8 to Win10 for you, you should have no issues replacing Win10 when things go bad. Microsoft accepted it once, so the license is still legal for a reload.
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