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  1. Lancaster

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    @camaros Rus

    You wont believe it ... Magnaflow didn´t repply.

    But ....
    Two days ago I was talking with a guy, who is occupied as a mechanic with old Camaros.
    He told me that I can use all exhaust systems, which belongs to the catalytic converter
    time. I may have difficulties when I will try to use a system before the Cat.Conv.era.
    ... and ... if my Camaro has only 160 hp, header back or manifold back system won´t give
    me a big difference in comparison with a cat back system ..... and .... the price of cat back
    is really much lower. Therefore to cut to the chase ... Magnaflow 16828 will be the quintessence.
    Thanks for your helping opinions :)
  2. Lancaster

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    P.S. : Appendix / amendment

    Yesterday Magnaflow reacted; ok, they needed time.
    They cannot guarantee, that 16828 will fit, as they didn´t
    try it themselves. This is understandible.
    Well, I will try it :cool:
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    Jan 31, 2000
    Nanaimo, B.C., Canada

    I have the 15899, dual mufflers and tailpipes. Since I'll be using converters, modifications to the pipes will have to be made. The system on Summits website should fit your car nicely, but some cutting or mods to the headpipes may be required; nothing a muffler shop wouldn't be able to do. Depending on the changes needed, you could very well be able to do it yourself.


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