Electric cooling fan & amps

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by larrylarry, Nov 27, 2012.

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    Jan 19, 2017
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    Mar 4, 2012
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    That TC fan is dual speed and should be wired specifically. It operates exactly like the RF124 T-Bird fans already discussed at length on this board if you do a search. A 40A relay is not going to live very long powering that fan on high speed-low yes but not high speed.
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    depends if you are 2 stepping the fan?
    to start that BAD ASS FAN ...from zero to HIGH.... correct the LITTLE 40 amp relay is going to die quickly..(if it even pulls it) BUT... if you have it stepped to start at low...then go high.... 40 will work ...(not recommended..btw)
    Ford uses a 75 amp relay on the MARK VIII fan...
    I use the volvo controller with a bmw dual thermal switch ;)

    search nasty on the "dual fan "
    another awesome thread.
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    des moines, iowa
    I sure wish Motorcraft hadnt gone obsolete on the Mark VIII fans

    I remember when these were the talk of the internet forums 8-9 years back and I wondered then how long it would take for them to dry up as far as NOS fans. I know theres offshore repros now but they are just that-cheap copies built overseas! I'd still go with a real Siemens/Motorcraft built junkyard fan over a Chinese Dorman one new. I know directly the R&D that went into the Motorcraft ones and I'm willing to bet Shingsockhoo province has no research into their "copies" of them.
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    thinner insulation can dissipate heat better, and that lets you run a few more amps. HV distribution lines are bare wire for this reason

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