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    Sep 19, 2010
    Well thx alot. If i cant find where my original has lost its voltage from i will just run a new one with a blade from fuse box. But i would like to know where the break is. Having just gotten the new motor and tranny in, i cant get very far back past dist.
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    Sorry to be so broad. I'm talking about a Holly DP with Electric Choke. The Air Heated chokes are so 'old school' that they are few and far between.
    I run a 4777 holly with the electric choke add on. If you have the switch in 'run' it will never pull back the choke to 'cold'. Turn to ACCY and the choke closes. It's a 1970-s thing. (Thus the 'Drive in' movie ref).
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    FYI...the Holley installation guide also says not to use the stock choke wire for the positive lead. I have no idea why though. Your best bet would be to just run a new wire.
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    I found this thread by searching forums for looking for a keyed 12v source for my electronic choke. I have a Holley 600 and the power wire is the only thing I am missing. Not something I can find without buying an entire elec choke kit...looks like I will have to make one. Therefore my next question would be.... what guage wire to use for power on my electronic choke?
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    I agree with Gary S
    Maybe Holly carbs are different but a Rochester carb will not overheat the choke coil with power on. When the engine is running power to the choke coil is what keeps the choke open, without power the choke will close, killing the engine. The coil, when cold gradually opens because the 12 volts to the coil gradually heats it causing it to expand, thus opening the choke, heat from the engine is not sufficient enough to keep it open, without power it would quickly un-expand, closing the choke.


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