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    Mar 25, 2000
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    NOT for PURISTS!

    Had to repaint my early Z28 rims today (replacing one of them because it was bent...long story), and decided to try something different:

    I used a can of VHT 1500 degree Cast Iron Manifold Coating...and the color was DAMN close, plus it goes on flat and a little rough, so the texture was similar also. I was pleasantly surprised, and the rims look GOOD! Give it a try, if you've been struggling to find a suitable substitute that won't kill your wallet.

    If you can't find the paint locally, you can order it from Summit...

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    I have always used Plastikote cast metal gray color and I am pleased with that, and yes, it is close, much closer to original wheels color than I have seen from the big companies that offer wheel paint.

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