Dulling shiny over the counter aluminum Z28 valve covers

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  1. COPO

    COPO Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Sep 15, 1999
    Ontario, Canada
    It's not cost effective for me to send my covers to Jerry to tumble them when I live in Canada due to shipping costs here. Therefore need an alternative process. I'm open to other procedures I can do myself. Blast it with baking soda? And I won't install them shiny.


    Has anyone had any luck using easy off oven cleaner spray or using spray brake
    dust remover for non aluminum rims? If so, how many minutes did you leave the
    spray on for?

    This is also interesting, re Seymour Alumi Blast 16-055. But Summit can't ship it
    to Canada, either can Amazom.com, and I can't bring it back on a plane if I ship it to my Sister's place in FL. Also Amazon.ca (Canada) sellers want over $50 for 1 can. I'm currently looking for sources in Canada. So far I'm coming up empty.

    See 2:00

    [​IMG]alumi_blast_2013 by C O P O, on Flickr
  2. FlaJunkie

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    Mar 24, 2001
    Rockledge, Florida
    When I did mine, I used an aluminum cleaner, like Mothers, with a green scrub pad. After the look was where I wanted it to be, I spayed a dull clear coat over them. They looked great. I'll see if I can get a current pic and see how they stood up.
  3. l16pilot

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    Dec 13, 2004
    Hurlock, MD, USA
    Mark - have you tried locating a Canadian distributor for Seymour, such as Mattic? http://www.mattic.ca/paints.html. I do not see they have a location in Ontario, but not sure if that matters.

    Personally, I've used 0000 steel wool with 3M rubbing compound with good results.

    Gizzi Z eng 6-4-16a.JPG
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  4. COPO

    COPO Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Sep 15, 1999
    Ontario, Canada
    I have filled out a form on The Seymour site and asked who sells in Ont and Canada.
  5. COPO

    COPO Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Sep 15, 1999
    Ontario, Canada
    I know a Nasty member in BC and it would cost $16.55 to ship to my addr in Ont. Canada Post rapes us on shipping. It’s so rediculous it makes you sick when you compare it to the US. Ya I know the diff in population helps.
  6. CamarosRus

    CamarosRus Veteran Member

    Aluminum Aerosol PAINT on Z28 Valve Covers will look like CRAP !!!!!!!!
    and no way could you keep them looking like just painted....first time
    your hand touches them, first time anything touches them, their stained,

    I would take the polished new ones and try to determine if their
    clear coated over after polishing or NOT ????

    The clear coat would have to be removed, maybe with glass bead blasting
    maybe not ???......I would then glass bead to remove the polished finish....
    and then find a shop who can run them thru a shaker/vibratory media machine
    using ceramic or aluminum media to try to restore the as cast finish.........
    NOT leaving in machine too long as this will polish them again !!!!!!

    Then, I might experiment using Fluid Film on them (after LOCAL tumbling/shaker machine) to keep the Aluminum from oxidizing or tarnishing ???

    300DB_Mr_Deburr_3_Cubic_Foot_Rectangular_Vibratory_Finishing_Tank_1024x1024.jpg MuncieS.C.Angle.jpg MuncieSideCover.jpg MuncieTailhousing.jpg
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  7. COPO

    COPO Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Sep 15, 1999
    Ontario, Canada
    Chuck, I hear ya. That’s definitely out. I’ll be trying one of the other methods I mentioned.
    BTW, these are brand new covers I bought from a GM Dealership when I was in the US many years ago.

    [​IMG]Z28 valve covers by C O P O, on Flickr
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  8. tom3

    tom3 Veteran Member

    Aug 1, 1999
    I've spent hours on mine getting them to look just like those new ones. But beware the oven cleaner stuff on aluminum, can turn it black as I found out on an intake. I wound up using battery acid on that to get it nice and white-ish.
  9. CamarosRus

    CamarosRus Veteran Member

    COPO, Can you sell those NEW polished ones for decent money...............

    If so I would then buy "good" condition original (unpolished) and follow my above
    advice. Ontario is a huge metro area.....There has to be many shops that have
    shaker machines in your area. Call LS Industries (mfg of shaker machines)
    and ask their parts guy who in Ontario he sells media too ???

    I would do them for ya, but too busy with "life" and not making much
    progress on my own "chit"

    Listen I want be a nice and sweet guy, but all these amateur ideas are
    not the correct, best way to replicate the finish I've shown you above.
  10. COPO

    COPO Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Sep 15, 1999
    Ontario, Canada
    I’m sure I could sell them easy but I’d be spending what I have in these for used ones. My originals are shot with a weld on one mount and my 1st engine builder ran a belt sander over the tops to create a flat surface to paint the top fins black cause he said the aluminum looked like crap on a new rebuild engine. Ya.

    Maybe I need to find covers that are already restored.

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